Some People Believe Vaginal Orgasm Is A Myth

Most men as well as women believe that vaginal orgasm is a myth and that women reach orgasm only by clitoris stimulation. This has led to a debate and more misconception regarding if penis has any role to play in making a woman orgasm.

Research conducted by famous sex researchers

The major reason, which led to the widespread myth, is due to the flawed report, which was submitted by the three famous sex researches.

In the year 1950, Alfred Kinsey and his group of researchers wanted to find out the most sensitive part of a woman's body, which leads to sexual stimulation. They conducted a research on around 800 women.

They touched sixteen different parts of the women's body including the clitoris, vaginal lining, cervix, labia majora and minora.

They noticed that, G-spot responded to hard and deep pressure, but did not respond to soft touch. This made researchers conclude that it is the clitoris, which causes sexual sensation and the vagina is devoid of any nerve ending sensation. Thus, ridiculing the idea of vaginal orgasm.

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William Masters and Virginia Johnson based their research on the study conducted by Kinsey, the famous American sexologist. Kinsey's research paved path for deeper discovery into the sexuality aspect. William and Virginia concluded that it was just the clitoris, which leads to sexual stimulation and the other part of the vagina was devoid of such sensation.

In the year 1968, the famous Hite Report was written by feminist Shere Hite. Here in this particular report, she emphasized the importance of vagina for women to gain sexual satisfaction. However, she stated that all sensation was due to clitoris. For Hite, this was one of the best ways to take away men's power of giving pleasure to women, since, this means, that penis whether big or small does not play any part in sexual satisfaction of women.

On hearing this report, many women came to support Hite, stating that they are never able to gain sexual satisfaction just by penetration and they need the stimulation of clitoris in order to gain climax.

In their hatred towards men, women came forward to claim that anything, which goes on inside the vagina (meaning penetration of the penis), is anti-feminist. However, most women failed to mention that the main reason for not gaining sexual satisfaction is due to the penis size of their husbands or lovers.

Another reason for not being able to gain vaginal orgasm is that their lovers or husbands lack bedroom skills and motion techniques.

Men are obsessed about their own penis

We all know that, men are really obsessed with the size of their penis. Most people think that this obsession occurred due to the American Revolution where bigger was better. However, this is completely a wrong notion. People who have stated that the size of the penis does not matter are mainly responsible for this obsession. No matter what anyone says, men instinctively know that women like and desire large and thick penis.

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