Female Orgasm

Female orgasm has always been atopic in which most men seem doubtful and unaware of its different aspects. Well, to be frank, it is not completely your mistake, as female orgasm itself is quite a complex phenomenon. By the way, did you know that there are actually four different categories of it, and each one of these produce different sensations in every woman? No? Ok then, before you understand that, you need to know about the common “hot spots” in women's genital that are very responsive to any kind of sexual stimulation. These are:

  • Clitoris

  • G-spot

  • AFE zone (Anterior Fornix Erotic zone), and

  • Epicentre

    Now, with that little idea on the “hot spots” of women's genital, you may proceed to know about the four different types of female orgasm.

    Vulva Orgasm

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    It is one of the most ecstatic forms of orgasm, which makes a woman want more of stimulations. She would love to experience it as many times as she can. Basically, you focus on her vulva that includes the clitoris and labia minora.

    Well-endowed men can make it possible with mere penetrations of erected and firm penis. However, others can also put insome manual stimulation on the vulva. Thick penis can cause more friction in those regions and more movements of the labia minora. When a woman achieves such an orgasm, there are contractions of her orgasmic platform, and yes, you can feel it.

    Vaginal Orgasm

    If, during vaginal penetration,you are able to bring in heavy G-spot stimulation in your woman, you will make her experience the thrilling vaginal orgasm. Certain positions and postures are more favourable for vaginal orgasm.

    When a woman experiences it, it starts with rhythmic contractions of her pelvic muscles, which are in the lower third part of her vagina. Gradually, it seems like an electric discharge all through the body, including intense contractions of all the muscles. Besides, a woman involuntary holds her breath and then explosively exhales at her climax. Hence, it is quite evident if your woman achieves a vaginal orgasm, as with her moans and groans and such reactions, you can well figure it out.

    Uterine Orgasm

    Deep vaginal stimulation of women's Epicentre leads to uterine orgasm. It is even more contenting and ecstatic than a vaginal orgasm. When a woman achieves it, you will notice that there is a heavy contraction of her inner vagina and her uterus. Besides, she can also feel the heat wave that runs from the lower abdomen through her chest bone. Needless to mention, a longer penis is more capable of making a woman experience uterine orgasm.

    Above all, there are blended orgasms as well that includes a combination of two or all of these forms of different orgasms. If that sounds interesting, and you actually wish to make your woman experience it, all you need to do is to be open to the idea of trying and experimenting with new things in the bedroom. Besides, rhythmic stimulations through varying friction and pressure on the appropriate regions can be an effective approach.

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