Other Factors Affecting A Woman's Orgasm

Several misconceptions and men's unawareness about female sexuality have always made the ways to make a woman orgasm, a secret. However, that's not the only reason behind it. It is also due to women's varying requirements and ability to reach orgasm, as per the different days and their mood.

It is true that they might need different things to reach orgasm on different days. Say for instance, if you are considering penetration alone, sometimes she might want massive penetrations where her canal could be dilated and stretched with a thick penis or she might want a long penis that can be deeply bottomed-out. While on some other day, she might want gentle penetration say with fingers or a smaller penis. Yet, there can also be days when she might not want any penetration at all. In fact, just gentle sexual touching on the vagina's exterior or other erogenous zones can be sufficient to make her experience the ecstasy.

In simple words, your woman can have different requirements on different days to reach orgasm. Being a good partner, you need to take care of this aspect as well, so that you can make her experience it whenever she desires to. Now, you might be wondering as how you would come to know about the special menu that is to be served on a specific day.

The easiest and the simplest way to do that is to ask her about it, in a sexual and arousing tone, when you both are busy doing things. Besides, you also need to know about the other factors that can affect her orgasm.

Emotional Attachment

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No matter, how they portray themselves, deep inside women are emotional creatures. For them, things are quite different. The level of attachment and affection with a guy, determines their excitements and pleasure in the bedroom. If a couple is deeply in love with each other, and has that emotional aspect, the orgasms will always be more fulfilling and exciting for woman.

Penile Firmness and the Way You Move It

It's not only about the size of the penis, as its firmness and the way you move it also matter. Guys with soft erections can have a hard time in bringing their woman to orgasm. Besides, even if it is firm enough, you are not using it or rather not moving it the right way.

There is the screw technique and other styles of motion that are really effective. Anyways, as far as the size and firmness of your penis is concerned, you can always work on that with one of the effective penis enhancement techniques.

Variety, Above All

Yes, that is the most important aspect to take care of. Women love variety, and even men do. If you are letting things go redundant and predictive in the bedroom, it is not at all a good thing for your sex life. Keep on experimenting with new things, new positions, and new ways, whatever you both can think of. Let your imaginations flow, be open to new ideas and experiments and respect her preferences in the bedroom.

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