A Trick To Make Her Admit She Prefers A Bigger Penis Than Yours

How to Make Her Admit That She Prefers a Bigger Penis than Yours

It is obvious that women whether they admit or not they are fascinated by the penis size. They have their personal preference as well as their own scale of judging a man based on his penis size. Most men want to know what their woman thinks of the size of their penis. It is a little weird to ask though. Well, if you are someone, who really wants to know about your woman's preference then here is a trick.

Like any other female, your girl will be definitely appreciating your penis. She might be telling you how she loves it or how perfect you are. Well, there is nothing wrong with it, but the point is, is she telling the truth. On the other hand, if she is telling your penis is big and you know it is not then how are you going to spot her for lying. Well, you need not bother her with all sorts of annoying questions, but just three simple and easy questions that will help you understand what she actually thinks about your penis. This is moreover like tricking her, but it will work for sure.

Imagine an exact twin of mine just with a little difference that he has a smaller penis. One inch less in both length and girth with whom, will you like to have sex with.

It is obvious that she will choose you. However, if she is smart enough to understand what is going on and she might even say that she wants both of you. If so, insist her on selecting one. For sure, she will choose you.

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Next, imagine the same twin, but with a bigger penis than mine, now whom do you choose?

There are chances that she will not reply to this one. She might try to avoid the situation and change the topic. Try to be polite and ask her to reply because the truth is going to be a little dirty this time. Since, even if she chooses you, it is obvious that she is lying. Also, if she is too open to let you know about her preferences she might directly tell you what she wants.

Nevertheless, if she continues telling you that she just loves your penis the way it is, here comes the third question...

Okay, just imagine I don't exist. There are two twins, one whose penis is smaller to mine by 1 inch in both length and girth and second whose penis is bigger than mine by 1 inch in both length and girth. Whom do you prefer now to have sex?

Force her little to answer what she has on mind. Well, if she is not a very good liar, she will definitely pick the bigger one. This clearly means no normal girl likes small penis. Bigger is definitely better. Keep in mind one thing that you need to do all this only if you think she is lying about your penis size. If she is not, there is no question of inquiring about her preferences.

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