Top Three Reasons Why Men Look For Penis Enlargement

Penis Enlargement is referred to as the use of various techniques to increase the length, girth, and erectile rigidity of the human penis.

The undeniable truth is that a good number of men are not satisfied with their penis size. Surprisingly, research shows that approximately 45% of men are not satisfied by their penis size while 85% of women are highly satisfied with their men's sizes. Because of this, they generally have some overall body image issues. This has led to a rise in the number of multi-million industries producing some clinically unproven penis enlargement products.

Even though research shows that most men's penises have normal sizes and therefore shouldn't be overstressed about it, their anxiety has made them search for enlargement products and treatments in the market with much desperation.

Some of the main techniques used to enlarge penises include surgery, penis extenders and stretching devices, vacuum pumps, pills, supplements, and creams. However, there is little evidence that these methods actually work.

There are various reasons why men are desperately in search for penis enlargement solutions. They include-;

Small Penis Size

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The normal size of a penis is approximately 6 inches. However, the size can be affected by a factor like genetics. Men are obsessed with their size, particularly the length of their penises and therefore aim to have them increased by an inch or two. This is because they feel less confident during sexual activity and therefore aim to perform much better.

They also feel that women love men with big penises. In that case, they try to do everything to have their penis size increases in attempt to satisfy their women.

To Achieve Stronger Erections

Apart from enlarging the penis size, there are penis enhancement treatments that help achieve better and stronger erections. This is due to the fact that most men suffer from erectile dysfunction which makes them perform poorly in bed. Having strong erections helps reach climax more effectively. Penis enlargement helps improve the overall penis health in a man.

To Improve Sexual Performance

Every man wants to pleasure his woman in the best way he can. It can really be depressing to a man when a woman shows her dissatisfaction in him. This can really hurt his ego by making him feel less of a man. To avoid the humiliation, most men result to penis enlargement methods in order to improve their sexual performance.

So, does the penis size really matter? To most men, the answer is yes. Even though these men have a penis size that falls within the normal size range, they don't always f eel normal or good about themselves. One of the main reasons is because women are much more likely to be amused by a man's penis size than his overall body size.

All in all, research has repeatedly shown that a man's penis size does not affect his or his partner's satisfaction. In fact, men born with smaller penises are known to enjoy satisfactory sex with their partners. Therefore, size doesn't matter and the fact that these penis enhancers are not clinically proven can be very unsafe

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