Women Care Also About Testicle Size, Ejaculation Volume And Ejaculation Distance

Did You Know That the Type of Ejaculation and Testicle Size Also Excites Her?

Well, definitely penis size is of great concern for men. Yes, women do care about testicle size and ejaculation volume as well. These issues are directly related to penile performance and that is why it is necessary to discuss.


Testicles definitely have their own importance. However, many women have reported that extra big testicles hanging down there are a big turn off for them. Most women prefer average testicle size, which is around 1¾ inch to 2¼ per testicle. On the other hand, in some cases bigger is better than smaller one. This is because very small testicles are also an issue. If testicles are smaller or bigger than average then even if they come with a big penis, they are a problem to most women.

Frequency and volume of ejaculations:

Well, to be true, big ejaculation and voluminous ejaculations has nothing to do with the physical satisfaction of a woman. A big and thick penis is more than enough to give her the right amount of stimulation and pleasure. However, if we talk about her psychological needs here bigger is preferable. Women enjoy big ejaculation because she is mentally satisfied by this. She gets the feeling of being more full and the idea that she is with a more masculine man satisfies her.

In addition, there is this instinctive desire of every woman to get pregnant. This also applies to those, who whatsoever have no intention of getting a baby. It is a rule of nature that every male species impregnates female species and multiply their population. Human beings are no different here. When a woman is with a man, who gets big ejaculation she naturally thinks that he has greater chances of impregnating her. Big ejaculation is a sign of maleness and fertility.

One more reason why women prefer big ejaculations is that it satisfies the woman's ego. She feels pretty and sexy about herself since she sees you getting your load off for her. It is believed that only men are insecure about their sexual performance, but the truth is even women are. Big ejaculations make them feel more confident and secure.

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Evaluating the volume of ejaculations:

One thing is very clear that the volume of ejaculation depends on the excitement level and the duration of excitement that a man experiences while having sex. Now, the reports say that any normal man would ejaculate about one to two teaspoons at one time (nearly 2½ to 5 cc). From a woman's point of view that is just too less and she is expecting the quantity to be easily around 1 or 2 tablespoons (2 to 4 teapoons). Such a big difference is because men are definitely not that excited when they are giving in their sperms in a laboratory for test. So, this is what clears our first point, level and duration of excitement affects a man's ejaculation.

Furthermore, the duration between two ejaculations also affects the ejaculation volume. This is obvious since you are already “empty” and you cannot have a voluminous ejaculation for a while. So, if you know your date is impressed by seeing big ejaculation make sure you save it for her.

After volume and frequency, one more thing that concerns or say satisfies a woman is the ejaculation distance. There are men, who can barely make it to ½ or 1 inch and there are men, who can actually hit the ceiling. We can say that for a woman, a man who can barely make it to one foot is someone who short shot. So, it is obvious that if you are more than a foot, you have her attention and anything above two is just impressive.

There are feedback from men, who have described how their date reacts to their ejaculation volume, frequency and distance. Women actually make comments on ejaculations and also their satisfaction level varies depending on the type of ejaculation their partner gets. Let us discuss a few such examples:

A man reports that his woman asks her to cum all over her. When he tries and is not able to ejaculate far enough, she either makes faces or else comments something that explains that she wasn't happy with the type of ejaculation he just had.

Another man reports that he was never a big ejaculator. However, since he always used a condom his partner never really got to see his ejaculations. Once, he took off his condom in front of her and when she saw it all she could comment was “That's too less”. A big disappointment isn't it?

Along with the type of ejaculation, the texture of the semen is also a problem at times. For instance, a man reports that he is always worried about the texture of his ejaculation. His semen is often very thick and chunky and there are times when he cannot even squirt, but only dribbles. He says that his sexual partners have often made negative comments about it and it is like a mood killer for them.

On the other hand, this is what you might experience if you have big ejaculations...

A man says that he was always lucky enough to have big ejaculations. Also, he could shoot it nearly five feet further and it makes his partner just go crazy. He concludes that big and distant ejaculations surely impress a girl and make her admire you.

Penis size is always going to be a top most priority for any man. However, from the examples narrated above, we can conclude that ejaculations are also one sensitive issue for them. For any man, a negative comment concerning his sexual performance is a night mare. In fact, that one thing can potentially break a relationship.

Lastly, one more thing that we can conclude here is for sure big ejaculations impress her more, but she doesn't love it just like she loves to have a big penis inside her. So, comparatively the issue of penis size is a bigger one. Yet, thinking this, we can never leave the topic of ejaculation volume and distance aside.

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