Measuring The Penis

So you have decided to start a penis enlargement plan. It is imperative for you to understand, or rather learn the correct way to measure your penis. Failure to do so, it will be difficult for you to make proper calculations. Besides, it's important for you to effectively notice the improvements in the penis length and penis girth. In turn, it may lead to uncalled for disappointments with the penis enlargement program and potentially, its cancellation. You definitely want to avoid such circumstances.

If you are about to begin a penis enlargement plan, here are ways of getting it right. You must measure the penis in its flaccid state and also while erect.

Measuring Penis Flaccid and erect Length

The penis flaccid length is among the measurements needed when engaging in a penis enlargement program. However, as you might already know, penis flaccid length can easily be affected by environmental conditions like temperature. This means that, each time measurements of this nature are taken, consistency of the environmental conditions must be observed at all times. This is critical in order to ensure that you obtain accurate readings.

It is important for you to note that among the most recognisable gains during PE program is the flaccid lengths. For you to get the readings, just pull and then hold your soft penis in front using one hand. This is usually done to ensure that your penis is parallel with the floor. From there, locate your pubic bone and place the ruler there. The end of the ruler that you place on the pubic bone should be reading zero. Note down the measurements where your penis tip ends on the ruler.

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The same case applies when measuring penis erect length. You must ensure that measurements are taken during the same weather conditions. Your penis must be fully erect before proceeding to measure in the same way you measure penis flaccid length. Do not by any means overstate the readings. This might demotivate you, as it will affect the outcome of future calculations.

How to Measure Penis Flaccid and Erect Girth

The right penis enlargement program should make it possible for your penis girth to increase. Of utmost importance when taking this measurement is ensuring that readings are taken from the correct position of the penis. The most appropriate method for reading the measurement is from the center part of the penis. You will require a fabric tape measure so that you can easily wrap it around your penis. Again, pull your penis right in front of you in a parallel position with the floor. Ensure that the tape measure is firmly and not tightly pulled on your penis.

Repeat the same steps when measuring penis erect girth. First and foremost, ensure that your penis is fully erect prior to taking the readings. On average, the erect girth is usually between five and five and half inches.

As stated earlier, do not overstate the penis measurements as this might act as a demotivating factor later on. Obtaining accurate measurements allows you to understand your genuine progress during an enlargement program. This will greatly motivate you to keep going. As they say, regardless of how small the achievement, appreciate it and move forward. Before you know it, you will have attained your desired penis length and girth.

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