Guys Are Right: Size Matters When It Comes To Fertility

In most cases, when a woman experiences some difficulties in conceiving, most couples automatically assume that it has something to do with a woman's fertility. Unfortunately, most of them ignore the possibility of a man's reproductive system being faulty.

The plain truth is that male infertility is something that all couples experiencing conceiving problems should think about, before putting the blame on the woman. The problem is that most couples think that a penis that seems deformed can be the only cause for infertility. Most of them assume that the size of the penis has nothing to do with a man's fertility. Surprisingly, guys are right because size matters when it comes to fertility.

Well, according to research performed by some students from the University of Rochester Medical Centre, men with shorter penises are at a higher risk of developing fertility problems.

The research indicated that a man's fertility is determined by the Anogenital Distance; the distance from the anus to underneath the scrotum. Men with shorter penises were found to have shorter AGD and men with bigger penises were found to have longer AGDs.

According to the researchers, the median ADG length is approximately 2 inches. Therefore, men with shorter AGD length were said to be more likely to have fertility problems as compared to those with longer AGD length.

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One of the researchers in the university, Shanna Swan, said that AGD length is also associated with the volume of semen and the sperm count. Men with shorter AGDs have lower semen volume and sperm count as opposed to those with longer AGD. Apparently, the main reason for their infertility is their low sperm count which often whose total count is less than 20 million per millilitre. This is considerably lower as compared to the normal sperm count of 50 to 60 million sperm per millilitre.

Still, men with extremely short penises, also known as “Micro-penis” are also at a greater risk of being infertile. A male adult with a penis size that is smaller than 2.8 inches when erect is considered as having a micro-penis.

Men with a micro-penis are said to have low semen volume as well as low sperm count, which results to decreased fertility or infertility.

It is thought that a micro-penis is caused by insufficient levels of testosterone, the male hormone.

Apart from causing infertility problems, men with micro-penises also experience difficulties urinating and also during sexual intercourse. Men with the condition also have low self-confidence, self-esteem, and also suffer from acute depression.

Therefore, the size of your penis really does matter. In fact, some of the most common cases of infertility are linked to men. Majority of these men are not sick or have not suffered from an injury but most of them have short penises. It's good to see a doctor early enough if you are trying to get your woman pregnant. Maybe, you can save a lot of time by getting tested early enough.

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