Micropenis causes and treatment

Micropenis is the medical condition when a male is born with a smaller penis than normal. Microphallus has a normal anatomical configuration, but exceeds 2.5 standard deviations below the average, for a certain age, when fully stretched. A mature male individual has a micropenis when fully stretched flaccid penis is long only 3 inches or sometimes even less. According to scientific research, only 0, 6 – 1% of male population are born with a micropenis condition.

Causes for Micropenis condition

Micropenis is a serious condition, which may cause many problems for those men. They experience the feelings of shame, humiliation and anxiety. Knowing what is causing the micropenis condition may help few individuals to avoid this problem.

In most cases, micropenis is probably the result of a hormonal issue during the pregnancy, more specifically due to insufficient testosterone level. Male baby´s genital organ stops increasing in length after the first trimester of pregnancy, due to the lack of male sex hormone. Mother´s body does not produce enough testosterone during the last two trimesters of pregnancy.

Another possibility that may cause a micropenis condition is a genetic mutation of the

SRD5A2 gene.

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Micropenis condition can also be caused due to subjection to certain estrogen based fertility

drugs when the male baby´s fetus is already in the uterus. As it has been successfully proven, according to scientific research, male genital abnormalities can also be the consequence of DES treatment (Estrogen based fertility drug).

Furthermore, malformations on male genitals, including micropenis condition, can be body´s reaction to specific environmental chemicals, pesticides commonly found in our everyday food supply. One more reason to stop eating GMO food and start choosing organic food is that those are industrially modified food. However, it is very hard to avoid these pesticides as they can already be found in our diet and water as well.

Micropenis Treatments

The majority of cases regarding micropenis condition are connected to glands and hormones. However, the body system which controls glands and production of hormones can be a very tricky area, treating may cause numerous side effects and potentially more problems than solutions. Only two medical treatments have been successful, but the results are very different from one patient to another. As mentioned some treatments can have long-term side effects and therefore, treating micropenis condition must be carried out very cautiously.

According to historical records, in the past when a male baby was born with micropenis condition, parents were advised to implement a gender reassignment. A boy was raised as a girl. In some cases, cosmetic surgery was included to conduct a physical reassignment of child´s gender from male to female. Nowadays, this sort of advice is no longer given or accepted. However, an individual can decide for a gender reassignment further on in life, according to his/her wishes.

Testosterone replacement

The first highly effective and acceptable treatment for micropenis condition is testosterone replacement which is a hormonal therapy. This specialized hormonal treatment has to be carried out at the appropriate times, usually before patient´s puberty. Undergoing this treatment can successfully help to increase the penis length closer to commonly accepted penis size, adequate for an adult male.

Phalloplasty surgery

The second efficient and acceptable treatment is phalloplasty surgery. The surgeon takes some skin from patient´s forearm or another body area to wrap it around the penis. The skin is needed to hold in place the inflatable penile prosthesis that is surgically inserted to help achieve the patient an erection.

As already mentioned, a micropenis condition is a serious issue and therefore, it is very crucial to be taken seriously. It is important to help those men and not allow or encourage the possibilities of false promises just to make some profit.

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