Men And Locker Room Syndrome

Apparently, men seem to be more bothered by what their mates think about their penis size, rather than the opinion formed by their partner. It is possible for a man to feel quite adequate and happy with the size of their manhood while alone, and yet feel completely dissatisfied when in the company of other people. Some men even have a tendency of feeling as if they are the smallest in the room.

Since time immemorial, men have had a tendency of comparing their front bulges with fellow men – including the ones they come across on the streets and anywhere else for that matter. Surprisingly, the glances made with comparison in mind happen unconsciously. Men hardly ever realise that they compare the size of their penises with that of others. This hard truth is, unfortunately, a problem, which needs to be dealt with by all means.

Without a doubt, competition is a healthy aspect of life. It gives one a slight push to seek further improvement in whatever area of their lives – according to Annabel Chan Feng of Victoria University. Chan conducted a research study involving more than 700 men aged between 18 and 76. In her study, she concludes that a man’s envy or obsession of how his penis stacks up against fellow men is capable of driving his partner away – even if he satisfies her sexually.

Further, negative social comparisons place men at the risk of eating disorders as well as many other dangers. This revelation was made following a research review done in the Journal of Abnormal Psychology. It is entirely reasonable for someone to be tempted to take shortcuts like the use of highly dangerous performance enhancing drugs as he seeks improvement. There is always this tendency of human beings looking for quick fixes. Patience, a crucial virtue, isn’t so much practiced in the world of penis enlargement. A man wants male enhancement now and now. Failure to exercise patience, and instead take shortcuts has led many people to dangerous ditches that they would otherwise have avoided.

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Let’s say that the locker room syndrome is actually getting into your head, and you feel you seriously need some improvement. For starters, there is nothing wrong with wanting more. Secondly, there are effective and safer ways of accomplishing the kind of enhancement you are looking for; as long as your expectations are realistic.

That being said, instead of looking for something that promises to deliver miraculous overnight change, focus on a slow and steady progress. Should you opt for safe and healthy methods of male enhancement, it is imperative to also take your diet and lifestyle habits seriously too. Get rid of poor habits such as smoking, lack of physical exercise and consumption of too much alcohol. These bad habits have the potential to set you back. Pay attention to what you eat as well. Focus on feeding your body with sex enhancing foods such as raw oysters, strawberries, avocados, almonds, sweet potatoes, sesame seeds, watermelon, and arugula among many others.

Pro tip: focus on changing things that can be modified and get over those that you have no power over.

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