Which Is More Important: Length Or Girth?

It is impossible for a man not to think about the size of his penis. Most importantly, the majority of them wish their penises were a little bit bigger. The length and girth of the male organ are two aspects that come into perspective when size is being concerned. Confusion erupts when there is a desire or needs to establish which one is more important – between penis length and girth.

A lot of men appear to be more concerned with penis length. They are keen on using PE techniques that promise a longer penis. While there is nothing wrong with elongating the male member, men must seek to understand the preference of their female partners. After all, isn’t your desire to satisfy your partner? As such, it is only wise that you seek the penis size capable of satisfying your sexual partner.

The hard truth:

While men have a particular preference for longer penises (an attitude that goes way back to the ancient times – explaining why penis weights were used traditionally), women, on the other hand, are happy with bigger girth.

Why is the penis girth so important to women?

It is no longer a secret that women place more importance in girth over length. A recent research study performed by SPAN lab in California made this conclusion upon noticing that women participants judged girth more reliably compared to length. This observation led them to the revelation that women pay more attention to the width of the penis. Reasons explaining this crucial fact are detailed below:

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The location of the clitoris

Let me bring to your attention something that you probably didn’t know about the female anatomy, specifically the clitoris. It is not only mostly internal but also covers nearly the whole pelvic floor. It is the more extensive internal structure of this part of the female organ that explains the fascination with the circumference of an erection of the length.

The clitoris goes beyond the glans. It extends both backward and inward like an inverted V – on both sides of the vaginal opening. Next to them are the vestibular bulbs that take the shape of almonds. They are similar to the corpus spongiosum found in the male anatomy. When a woman is aroused, they fill with blood, become firm and consequently pushing outward on the labia.

She feels pressure when her erectile tissue is pressed

When a woman is sexually aroused, the entire erectile tissue is filled with blood forming a cuff around the whole opening of the vagina. Vaginal penetration provides a woman with pressure against the entire erectile tissue which causes a pleasurable sensation. This feeling is delicious not only on its own, but the pressure also generates a little tugging and pulling on the clitoral structure when the penis is thrust in and out of the vagina. For women, this is a primary source of stimulation during vaginal intercourse – mainly because the clitoris is adorned with a lot of nerve endings.

Based on the above explanation, men ought to learn how to give women this kind of pleasure. In the absence of desirable girth, men may use their penis shaft erection by rubbing against the sides of the vaginal opening. This helps to create a sensation of more girth. To this end, you already understand why girth is paramount to women as far as sexual pleasure and orgasm are concerned.

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