Combating Real Issue Of Penis Shrinkage

The majority of men are never comfortable talking about their problems. They prefer keeping it to themselves irrespective of whether they are getting self-help or not. The situation is even worse if it has anything to do with his sexual health or penis size. What most of them do not understand is the importance of consulting with their doctor about issues associated with a negative change in the shape, size or functioning of their penises. Unfortunately, failure to deal with penile size issues has the potential to impair your life especially in things to do with sex lifestyle and activities.

Take for instance the problem of penis shrinkage – which is quite common. A man who realises that his penis is shortening may get stressed up as he wonders what is happening to him. It is enough to lower your self-esteem and in worst case scenarios, lead to severe stress and depression. Don’t wait until the situation gets out of hand. Consult a physician as soon as possible, but before you get that appointment, let us evaluate some of the primary causes of penis shrinkage.

Reduced blood flow to the penis area

If the symbol of your manhood is receiving less blood than normal, you can bet the next thing you will have to deal with are weak erections, and eventually, penis shortening. Health problems such as cardiovascular problems and atherosclerosis are sometimes to blame. Tight fitting clothes can also result in declined blood flow to the penis. Unfortunately, individuals with circulatory issues may also have to deal with decreased erectile function due to shortage of blood in the erectile chambers.

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Low levels of testosterone

A reduced level of testosterone is also known to causes penis shrinkage. If you suspect that your testosterones are reducing, check your testicles to see if they are reducing in size as well. One causative agent of reduced levels of testosterone is aging. However, other health conditions and therapies such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy are also to blame – especially when they are part of a treatment procedure for prostate cancer. Exercises such as kettle bell and cardiovascular workouts, if done regularly, can boost levels of testosterone.

Excessive weight

If your penis is shrinking, and you are overweight, find a way to shed off that excess weight. Give utmost attention to the piled-up fats around the belly area or around the waist as it causes the male member to retract inwards. As the fat tissue around the belly and waistline area move outwards, your penis takes an opposite direction. It is a natural process that can only be reversed if the fat tissue is lost.

Treatments of penile size are dictated by the underlying cause which must be established conclusively at the doctor’s office. Even if either of the above three factors are suspected culprits, the opinion of your doctor is imperative. Besides, there could be more than one underlying problem that needs the attention of a medical practitioner. Unless you are a doctor, stay clear of over the counter drugs.

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