Five Things That Could Be Affecting Your Penis Size

When a man’s penis shrinks, his ego is crushed. Nearly every man sees his penis as a symbol of masculinity besides being one of the sources of their self-esteem. As such, a man finds it difficult to discuss, even with his doctor, issues to do with penis shortening. Unfortunately, penis shrinkage is a common problem that men from all walks of life may deal with at some point in their lives. The best thing a man can do is to understand why it happens, and also learn how to prevent its occurrence – if possible.

Whether you are going through a difficult time associated with penis shortening, or you just want to know some of the preventative measures, you will find this article extremely useful. Let us consider five things that could have an effect on your penis size.

Your weight

Aging brings with it a faster accumulation of body fats especially the area around the waistline and the belly. Unfortunately, it is even harder to shed off this weight as you advance in years. Nevertheless, it is still possible. A good number of people have undergone a complete life change that helped them to lose weight. Belly fat is one of the well-known causes of a penis appearing shorter than it is. The more fat you accumulate in these areas, the more your penis retracts inside. Shedding a couple of inches will go a long way in making your penis appear big.

Cigarette smoking

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Smoking not only puts you at the risk of suffering a heart attack and other health problems, but it also causes your penis to shorten. Cigarette smoking constricts the blood vessels of the penis, just like it does with those of the heart. Over time, its elasticity reduces resulting in smaller erections. Apparently, smoking can steal away up to a centimeter of your penis length.

Poor circulation of blood

One of the primary causes of poor blood circulation is the gradual deposit of fatty substances known as plaques inside the tiny penis arteries which consequently inhibits the flow of blood to the penis area. Another reason for decreased blood flow is the slow accumulation of relatively inelastic collagen within the elastic fibrous casing surrounding the erection chambers, also known as corpora cavernosa. The amount of blood held in the corpora cavernosa dictates the size and strength of an erection. Combine the inelasticity of erectile chambers and blocked penile arteries. The resulting effect is significantly smaller erections.


Until recently, a huge proportion of the world population did not pay much attention to the importance of watching what they eat. Although indirectly, food usually controls your penis size when you are growing up and even after you have become an adult. Ensure to eat a healthy diet, but most importantly, include vasodilators. Such foods include sweet potatoes, broccoli, carrots, and tomatoes. Others include milk, eggs, salmon, liver, and tuna. Observe a diet containing high fiber content and low saturated fats.


Testosterones play the most important role in the regulation and improvement of the penis. It is the hormone responsible for the features a man is known for such as the facial and body hair, masculinity as well as penile size growth. A reduction in the level of testosterones in the body results in penis shrinkage. As you age, your body produces reduced volumes of testosterones, but there are other reasons why the same may happen.

If you are concerned about your penis size reduction, don’t die in depression. Consult a doctor who will help you determine the underlying cause, and also advise you the way forward.

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