Natural Penis Enlargement Starter Exercises – PC Or Kegel Exercises

Kegel exercises were discovered by an obstetrician named Dr. Arnold Kegel in the 1940s. Originally, it was intended for use by women. However, over time, it has been discovered that kegels are actually extremely useful for ensuring good sexual health. Kegels are characterised by pelvic floor exercises named after the person who invented them. These muscles are typically attached to the pelvic bone. They usually act like hammocks holding in the pelvic organs. One of the ways of engaging in kegel is when someone tries to isolate the muscles by stopping and then starting the urine flow.

If you thought kegels are only meant for women, then you are entirely mistaken. They are also very beneficial to the male population. Kegels are a great way of improving the overall health as well as the hardness of the male member- besides increasing your ability to enjoy longer sexual intercourse. Just like women, men's kegels have one primary goal; strengthening the pubococcygeus muscle (popularly known as PC and pelvic floor muscle).

Kegel exercises for the males

It only takes a little intelligence to establish your pelvic floor muscles and then know how exactly to contract and relax them. Use the following pointers to have a better understanding of the same:

  1. Ensure to find the right muscles: This is of utmost importance if you are to obtain the desired results. For accurate identification of the pelvic floor muscles, try stopping urination in midstream or tightening the muscles that usually keep you from letting out gas. These are typically the pelvic floor muscles. Try contracting the muscles you have identified while looking in the mirror. What happens? Generally, the penis base will should move closer to the abdomen and the testicles should rise. If this happens, you have successfully identified the pelvic floor muscles.

  2. The second step entails perfecting your technique. Upon identifying the right muscles, the next thing is to empty the bladder, and then lying on your back. The knees should stay bent and also apart. After that, tighten the PC, maintain the contraction for approximately three seconds and then relax in a similar amount of time. Try repeating this severally while avoiding overdoing it. As your muscles become stronger and stronger, you may do kegel exercises while walking, standing or sitting.

  3. You must pay attention to what is important to obtain optimal results. This entails ensuring to tighten only the pelvic floor muscles. Also caution must be practised in order to prevent flexing the muscles found in the buttocks, thighs and abdomen. It is also advisable to avoid holding your breath while exercising kegel as you should be breathing freely.

  4. A minimum of 30 kegels should be considered on a daily basis- can be divided into three sets.

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The benefits of kegel exercise

As stated earlier, kegel exercises for men are very useful in promoting sexual health. The following are specific benefits of kegels for men:

  • Long lasting erections

  • Help to get rid of premature ejaculation

  • Treatment for erectile dysfunction

  • Facilitates multiple orgasms

  • Increased orgasm intensity

  • Promotes health prostates

  • Leads to increased ejaculating distance

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