Penis Pumps For Erectile Dysfunction

A penis pump is among the few available options for the treatment of erectile problems. It is made up of a plastic tube (where the penis is usually inserted), a manual or battery powered pump connected with the tube as well as a band (fits around the penis base when it's erect). The band is commonly known as the constriction ring. At times, the penis pump is also known as a vacuum constriction device or vacuum pump.

The problem of obtaining or maintaining an erection is quite common. This is particularly true for older men and those who have heard prostate surgery. There are oral medications that are prescribed for treating erectile dysfunction. They include Vardenafil, sildenafil, avanafil and tadalafil. Other types of medications for erectile dysfunction include the drugs that are inserted through the penis tip and into the urethra, shots as well as surgically placed penis implants.

If the above treatments have potential side effects, are not safe for you or typically don't work, you may want to consider using a penis pump. A lot of men have used penis pumps to treat erectile problems for the following reasons:

  1. They are effective: when used regularly and accurately, penis pumps can significantly help to solve problems associated with erections. After using penis pumps, a good number of men can obtain and also maintain an erection that is sufficient to ensure incredibly good sex.

  2. They are less risky compared to other treatment options: with the medications available in the pharmacists and other relevant places, side effects are common. This is particularly true in instances when you are required to consume medicines orally or through injection. On the other hand, the risk of complications and side effects are minimal when penis pumps are used. Of utmost importance is to ensure that the pump is used correctly as instructed by the manufacturer. Don't assume, ensure to read the manual carefully.

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  3. The overall cost of using a penis pump to treat erectile dysfunction is lower. The only time you will be required to spend a relatively substantial amount of money is during the initial purchase. After that, you won't be required to pay another amount of money that is usually the case with other forms of erectile dysfunction medications.

  4. Unlike surgery, penis pumps are non-invasive: penis pumps don't need the use of surgery, penile injections nor the need to insert medication into the penis tip. The privacy and flexibility given by the use of pumps have made it a favorite choice among men suffering from erection problems.

  5. Can be combined with other treatments: penile pumps can be utilised, or rather combined with another form of medications or even a penile implant. For some men, combining different medications of erectile dysfunction has worked incredibly well.

  6. A penis pump can help to counter the sexual effects of some health conditions: health problems like diabetes can adversely impact the sexual functionality of your penis. A penis pump can be used to restore your normal sexual function. Individuals suffering from Peyronie's disease can use penis pumps to help them maintain the girth and length of their dicks.

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