Finding A Surgeon: Penis Enlargement Surgery

The surgeon you choose for your penis enlargement surgery is a huge determinant of the end results. Choosing a highly qualified as well as experienced penis enlargement surgeon will significantly improve the chances of having a successful surgery. I really must overemphasise the importance of finding the right surgeon for your cosmetic surgery.

So, how do you go about it?

First and foremost, consult your local general practitioner. You just might never know, perhaps you meet the criteria set out by the National Health Service. He or she might be able to refer you to NHS covered facility. Do you know what this means? It means that the cosmetic surgery will be done free of cost. Believe me, an encounter with NHS is a life saver- there is no doubt about it. If your GP cannot refer you to NHS facility, he or she might have the contact of a renowned cosmetic surgeon. Referrals of this nature don’t come by every day. The advice of your general practitioner is paramount in such circumstances.

Secondly, speak to someone who has undergone penis enhancement surgery before – or cosmetic surgery. They might have information you could find useful. Ask them about their experience if they are willing to share as well as the dos and don’ts.

Thirdly, make use of the Internet. There are a lot of clinics online as well as websites with the database of cosmetic and plastic surgeons. Learn as much as possible about the different doctors and their facilities. There must be review and testimonials on the same websites. Take your time to read one at a time while paying attention to every detail. Remember to read both positive and negative reviews.

You must be ready to conduct a thorough background check on every surgeon on your list. What kind of reputation do the doctors enjoy? What are their facilities like? How much do they charge? How long have they been in the industry? On average, how many surgeries have each of the surgeons performed? What was the outcome? Establish these important facts before you move the next step.

Fourthly, I assume you have narrowed your search significantly. By now, you have around four or five prospective surgeons. This stage entails speaking to each of the surgeons face to face – if possible. If you cannot travel where he is at the moment, you may use video conferencing to speak to him. The objective is to interview them. Have a long list of questions to ask them during the interview. Don’t be afraid of prying. Besides, it is imperative that you learn enough information about your prospective cosmetic surgeon. The replies of the doctors during the interview should also be noted down.

You may want to have something like a comparison chart where all the responses of the independent doctors are on the same sheet. This way, you will be able to make comparisons quickly. Some of the questions that you can ask include:

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  • How long have you performed penis surgeries

  • In total, how many penis surgeries have you performed?

  • Are you a member of any registered board of surgeons?

  • How can you describe the success rates of the surgeries you have performed?

  • Have you ever dealt with a surgery gone wrong? What happened? And were you able to correct the situation?

  • Can you provide me with a list of patients you have operated on before?

  • What is the total cost of the penis enlargement surgery?

  • What are some of the risks that involved in penis enlargement surgery?

  • How long does it take you to perform surgery?

  • What are the chances of the penis surgery going wrong?

  • How can describe the pain involved?

  • What is your aftercare like?

  • How long will I take to recover and go back to work?

These are only some of the questions that you can ask your surgeon. Typically, ask him anything and everything you wish to know. Don’t even be afraid that you might offend him. You would rather have him offended but have the opportunity to understand exactly what to expect. In the end, you will be happy to have been thorough in the first place.

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