Do Penis Pumps Permanently Enlarge Your Penis

Size of the penis plays a very important role in a man’s as well as a woman life. After several reports and experiments it was concluded that the average size of male penis is 5-5.5 inches. A lot of men are lucky to have a penis as big as the average size while there are many who have a smaller penis.

Men having a smaller penis can face several issues when it comes to love making. We all know that woman love big penis as they stimulate them more and give them more pleasure. With a small penis you might not be able to satisfy her as much as she wants. This can lead to drifts in personal relationships and create havoc in your life. To spice up your sex life and experience immense pleasure you do need a big penis.

If you are the one with a small penis then you don’t need to panic because there are various products available in markets which help you overcome this issue and increase the size of your penis. Pumps for penis enlargement are one such product which helps you increase the length and girth of your penis. These pumps are easily available in stores around you as well as on online stores.

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The working of penis pumps involves creation of vacuum in your penis to draw in some more blood. The more blood the penis stores, the bigger your penis gets. The effect of this device is just temporary, which means that the penis gets enlarged only for some time and then gets back into its original length when the blood rushes out of the penis.

We would not encourage you to use this product on a regular basis as it can lead to severe damages. The vacuum created by the pump can damage the penile tissues as well as some nerves around the penis. It is advised that you consult a doctor before using this product. One of the biggest disadvantages of this product is that results are not permanent. Your penis will get enlarged for just a matter of time and then regain its normal size.

There are a lot of other products which are far better than penis enlargement pumps. Some of the other safe and effective penis enlargement products are mentioned below:

  • Penis enlargement device
  • Penis enlargement pills
  • Penis enlargement patches, and lots more.

If you are spending money, spend it on the right product rather than on a product that doesn’t guarantee results. Doctors and experts will always recommend the above mentioned products over penis enlargement pumps. The products have shown permanent results and are much more safer to use than the penis enlargement pumps.

Numerous surveys recorded that men using penis enlargement pumps on a regular basis saw a change of around 0.3 inches in the length of penis, while on the other hand men using any one of the methods mentioned above saw an increment of 1-3 inches in the size of their penis.

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