Penis Enlargement Weights FAQs

It is not unusual for consumers to ask various questions about a given product- especially when its history can be traced to many decades ago. Potential users wonder about its effectiveness, if it works and how it works to deliver results, and many other questions. These and more issues that are commonly asked about penis enlargement weights have been responded to in this article. This post is meant to help men in their decision making about whether or not penis weights are worth their precious time.

What is the origin of penis enlargement weights?

The ancient African tribes would use weights to change the shape of their lips, necks and ears. They would use rings and numerous other devices to stretch the tissues of respective body parts over time. The idea of penis enlargement using weights was borrowed from this practice. The weights hang on the male member cause the penile tissues to stretch over time. During the repair and restoration of these tissues, the penis becomes longer and thicker. The ancient Egypt is one of the areas where penis enlargement weights were prevalent. Today, this method is more advanced- thanks to the much technological advancement.

What are the advantages of using penis enlargement weights?

As barbaric as this PE method may appear, it is more civilised than you would imagine. For starters, the current penis enlargement weights are made specifically for this purpose. If this will calm you down, it is worth noting that the weights do not by any means make use of the principle of gravitational force. Secondly, safety is guaranteed as long as the technique is approached according to the instructions provided by the seller. Besides, unlike the majority of injections, chemical supplements and pills, penis weights are relatively safer.

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Thirdly, through penis hanging, the weights are known to stimulate the growth and multiplication of penis cells. As such, the regular and proper application of penis weights hanging leads to increased length and girth of the male member. In that case, it offers the benefit of promoting the overall growth of the manhood.

What are the potential dangers of using penis enlargement weights?

Before using a PE technique, it is important to establish the possible risks involved. Just because a PE approach is associated with various hazards, it doesn’t mean it’s entirely bad. It shouldn’t be a reason to throw away the opportunity to utilise an otherwise effective method of male enhancement.

Rather, being aware of the risks involved should be seen as a way to get educated and encouraged to apply male enhancement methods in a safe manner. If used accurately, and under strict observation of the instructions provided, penis weights are safe. Unfortunately, if the guidelines aren’t followed as expected, various problems could arise.

Some of these dangers include, discomfort, bruising and bleeding, rupturing of the blood vessels, penis shortening and impotence. Utmost caution should be taken to keep all these risks at bay. For instance, you wouldn’t want to experience penis shrinkage and impotence. To avoid the possible counter-productiveness of the penis weights, just follow the guidelines and also, only source weights from reliable and honest vendors.

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