Foods That Help Make Your Penis Bigger And Healthier

Many men do not know that the foods they eat significantly impact the size of their penises. Even if you are pursuing penis enlargement via other means, it is important to watch what you eat. Below are foods that have proven to not only increase the size of your penis but also improve its health.


A good number of research studies have shown that men who have succeeded in their penis enlargement bear healthy hearts. Bananas are rich in potassium, an essential component for a healthy heart. It also helps to enhance circulation of blood. A healthy heart and proper circulation of blood play a critical role in the realisation of penis enlargement goals. Regular consumption of bananas also minimises levels of sodium in the body which consequently prevents heart-related illnesses.


One of the biggest things blamed on the poor circulation of blood is blood clogs. The phytochemicals present in onions help in the prevention of clots and potential clogging. The inclusion of onions to the meals improves blood flow to the numerous body parts including the male member, and in turn, promoting its growth.


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If you cannot stand the sight of watermelons, you now have a good reason to give it a try. This fruit contains properties with the capacity to increase the duration, as well as the size of your erections. Watermelon also has citrulline, an amino acid, which when converted to Arginine, causes blood vessels to dilate. Besides increasing the penis size, watermelon is said to be a super food the general health of men.


This green, rich appetite suppressing vegetable not only increases blood flow to the penis area but also makes it bigger. Spinach contains magnesium which minimises inflammation in the blood vessels. It, therefore, means that blood vessels perform optimally to supply more and more blood to the penis. Spinach also contains folate that increases the volume of blood to the nether regions, and tremendously keeping you safe against age-related sexual problems.


Ginger is particularly great for men with weak dicks and immune systems. Ginger also works by increasing the flow of blood to the penis. One of the habits that men are told to pick when pursuing penis enlargement is performing regular physical exercise. You may incorporate ginger intake into your current diet and exercise routine to help you get rid of the annoying and stubborn belly fat that hides a sizeable proportion of your penis. Ginger has a stellar reputation for eliminating belly fat as it helps individuals burn a lot of calories.


The omega three fatty acids present in salmon plays a significant role when it comes to blood thinning – reducing blood viscosity. In turn, the body experiences improved blood circulation. As we all already know, a healthy blood circulation throughout the body translates to improved chances of penis gains.

The list of penis enlargement-friendly foods is endless. In the meantime, try and incorporate the above foods into your diet, and it will not be long before you start to witness incredible penis gains.

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