5 Ways Your Body Can Stop Your Erections In Their Tracks

The grass is always greener on the other side. One person is looking for a way to strengthen his weak erections so that he can perform better in the bedroom. On the other hand, another man somewhere is in search of strategies to keep his erections at bay, considering they happen when he least expects it – or when he does not want them.

Truth be told; some people can have their third legs on standing ovation at the slightest provocation. A simple erotic thought is enough for them to be sexually aroused. Unfortunately, such occurrences, when they happen in the wrong places can be embarrassing. So, how do you handle such circumstances? The following five tips can help stop your erections in their tracks.

Keep your mind off sexual stimulation

Although it is almost impossible, try and keep your mind off things that will get you sexually aroused. Avoid sexual imageries at all cost. Whatever you know is capable of giving you an embarrassing bulge, stay clear of it. Of course, sometimes your hormones will be going wild, and you will have no control over them. Don’t beat yourself too much. It is pretty much a normal occurrence.

Sit down

If you are standing up or walking, and you feel an erection coming, or you already have one that is showing, sit down. The first thing you should do is to find a way of covering it up. Sitting down and crossing your legs should help. If your pants are tight, doing this helps to create some room, and consequently, make your bulge less apparent. Also, consider shifting your knees up as it frees up some space in your trousers. While a chair with an arm would be the most appropriate, while in public you may just sit anywhere. If there is a bathroom close by, it is also a good place to allow you hide your bulge.

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Avoid wearing tight pants

Do you always have to deal with unwanted erections that are apparent to everyone who cares to steal a glance? Do you love wearing tight pants? That could be a problem right there, and you may want to consider changing your wardrobe. Invest in well-fitting trousers that don’t reveal your erect member each time it happens. Talk to an image consultant or fashion designer, to assist you to choose the right fit – especially if you are usually cautious about what you wear.

Find something to eat

Each time you eat, the blood begins to flow through the digestive system to facilitate food breakdown and its conversion into energy. This means that your body shifts its attention to some other place. Consuming food items such as oatmeal, citrus fruit or raw seeds goes a long way in improving blood flow to other areas, and as such, diverting focus away from the male member.

Engage your brain

The idea that men cannot multitask comes in handy in situations like this one. Each time an unwanted erection shows its ugly head, think of something either really complicated or something very gross. Your brain cannot focus on multiple things at the same time. So, the moment you make it do something else, besides concentrating on your sexual arousal, your erection will weaken gradually until it is no more.

Other practical ways of stopping an erection include engaging in physical exercises, taking a shower, or simply trying to relax.

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