5 Simple Steps For Erectile Dysfunction Prevention

Erectile dysfunction has been blamed on a couple of factors that are either biological or psychological. Unfortunately, some medications too are known to cause ED. However, if you realize that drugs are disadvantaging the functionality of your little man, you can always request your doctor to change them. The problem arises when such drugs do not have a substitute – although it is a rare occurrence. If your doctor cannot replace them, he will prescribe medications that can counteract the side effects.

Before we get to the treatment of erectile dysfunction, you should try your best to prevent it from happening. Should it ever happen, you will rest assured with the knowledge that you did what you could to keep it at bay. Here are preventative measures you can take:

Avoid being sexually inactive

Unless you are practicing celibacy, ensure to always use your member. You should either use it or be prepared to lose it. Some men do not have sex partners at some point in their lives, for varying reasons. Masturbation or natural penis exercises can help you make sure that you are getting erections on a regular basis. When you use your penis regularly, it becomes easy for you to sustain erections for long during sex because the penile get enough supply of oxygen.

Avoid high blood pressure and high levels of cholesterol

Hypertension and excess cholesterol are known to damage the blood vessels, and this includes the ones that take blood to the penis area. Eventually, you end up suffering from erectile dysfunction. Even if he does not recommend it, request your physician to check your blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Consider getting blood checks as regularly as possible.

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Invest in blood pressure monitoring devices for home use. As soon as your blood pressure and cholesterol are out of the normal levels, ensure to seek treatment immediately. You must have heard that blood pressure medications can cause erectile problems. However, medical practitioners have argued that the majority of erectile dysfunction cases that are blamed on these drugs are as a result of arterial damage emanating from untreated hypertension.

Maintain a healthy weight

ED occurs when those fat deposits get out of hand. Do not wait until it gets to this point. Instead, keep off that weight by exercising and eating a balanced diet. Find out what foods promote sexual health, and most importantly, the ones that are penis friendly. Adopting a new lifestyle has never been easy, but it is possible nevertheless. Start today and progress gradually.

Watch your testosterones

Even when you are healthy, your testosterone levels are bound to start declining sharply as you hit 50 years. After hitting 40, you should know that the level of your testosterones will begin to fall by about 1.3 percent each year. Look out for symptoms such as reduced stamina, moodiness, decreased sex drive, and difficulties making decisions as they are an indication that you need a testosterone boost. Ask your doctor to confirm your fears. Whatever the outcome, he will pick it from there.

Stay clear of anabolic steroids

Bodybuilders and athletes often abuse these drugs. They ignore the fact that they have the potential to cause shrinkage of the testicles and consequently deprive them of the ability to produce testosterone. If you were considering using them, please don’t.

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