5 Tips For Talking Openly About Erectile Dysfunction

Also known as impotence, ED is the difficulty in obtaining or maintaining an erection. One of the most common myths associated with ED is that it is a normal part of growing old. However, in as much as the majority of people who suffer from erectile dysfunction have advanced in age, it should not be taken as a normal thing that one has to live with it. As such, men are encouraged to seek treatment as soon as they suspect that they have impotence.

Your physician is the most appropriate person to handle your situation. He will examine you, run a couple of tests, and then make a diagnosis. Medical practitioners not only treat impotence but also seek to determine its cause. The challenge lies in the willingness of men to speak out their problems, as most of them usually don’t. They prefer suffering from their problems in silence. However difficult it might sound, you can try and open up about your problem – especially to a medical practitioner, or sex therapist. Use the following tips:

Know that you are not alone

What you need to appreciate is that you are not the only struggling with impotence. The mere presence of drugs and therapies for treating it means that it is a condition that has always been there since the ancient times. A good number of men have sought treatment and are now enjoying incredible sex and sexual health.

Online support

Consider creating a profile in an (or a false account) in one or several online forums where men speak openly about male sexual health issues. Read the opinions and experiences of others, and feel free to narrate yours too. It helps to get the load off your shoulder – even just a little.

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Communicate with your partner

A series of failed attempts to keep your man standing during sex have the potential to leave any man traumatized. Unconsciously, he will begin to avoid sex with his partner, and this can be disastrous. Men need to know that women are among the most understanding and patients, especially when you share something special such as love and friendship. When you avoid sexual encounters, she will begin to think that you are no longer interested in her and this could bring heavy relationship problems that could even worse your ED. Speak to her, and let her know what you are going through. Things are better when she is in the know.

Intimacy go beyond having sex

Your sex therapist may recommend that you keep off sex for some time. However, this does not mean that intimacy will die in your relationship. Look for creative ways of enjoying some sexual moments together without placing reliance on your erections. Look back to those days when you would enjoy each other’s company without engaging in sex; what are the activities you engaged in?

Accept your situation

Healing begins when you accept your current reality. Do not stress over it, but instead, look for solutions to your problem, and the first solution, as explained above is to speak to a medical practitioner.

Erectile dysfunction spells trouble, but it is not the end of life. As long as you seek medical help, you will just have to deal with it temporarily.

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