5 Momentous Myths Surrounding Erectile Dysfunction

For some reason, people tend to believe in almost everything they hear without bothering to confirm its authenticity. They say that ignorance has no defense and one must, therefore, be adequately informed on several issues. As a man, you need to be aware of the majority of facts about erectile dysfunction. Any man is at the risk of suffering from impotence at some point in his life – considering its various causes that range from biological to psychological. A lot of wrong information about erectile dysfunction has been going round. This article aims at correcting some of the ED myths that you have heard or read about.

ED is only for old men

While it is an undeniable fact that erectile dysfunction is more prevalent among the aging men, anyone can suffer impotence at whichever age. Old age and impotence have one thing in common – health conditions such as diabetes and hypertension. Aging people tend to suffer from these health conditions a lot, and unfortunately, the same conditions are said to cause erectile dysfunction. However, young people too may have diabetes and high blood pressure. Anyone can undergo stress and anxiety, depression, and even hormonal imbalances, which in turn put them at the risk of erectile dysfunction.

You do not need to see a doctor

As a matter of fact, your physician is the first person you should talk to when you suspect that you have ED. Doctors help in many ways. For starters, he or she will determine the underlying health problem. If it is a condition he can treat, he will do it, and if he cannot, he will recommend someone who can handle it. Sometimes, all a man needs is a sex therapist to revive his manhood. Don’t jump right away to the penis supplement market before knowing what is causing your impotence.

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ED is a single penis problem

According to an associate professor in the urology department of the University of Wisconsin, Daniel Williams, M.D, the definition of impotence may differ from one person to another. It is not the same for every man. However, it is typically the inability to obtain and maintain an erection that can cause sexual satisfaction. However, some people have difficulties obtaining an erection in the first place. Others can obtain it, but cannot keep it long enough. On the other hand, someone may get an erection that is too weak to penetrate during sex.

A single encounter of non-performance means you have ED

There isn’t even the slightest truth in this. You cannot claim to have erectile dysfunction just because you struggled to obtain or maintain an erection once, during sex. At times, fatigue or the side effects of medicine you are taking for a short time can result in such incidences. Once you get a good rest, or you are done taking the drugs, you go back to your normal self. Erectile dysfunction is said to occur when someone has series of unexplained non-performance in the bedroom – and is better of treated at the hospital.

Your poor lifestyle habits have nothing to do with ED

The truth is; bad habits such as alcohol and substance abuse, cigarette smoking, lack of physical exercises and bad diet have an effect on the strength of your erections. These bad habits interfere with your blood circulation which is critical to the quality of your erections. Eat well, and most importantly, cut back or quit cigarette smoking, alcohol, and recreational drugs.

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