Older Men And ED: 5 Ways To Love Life And Your Wife

Erectile dysfunction is one of the factors that are commonly associated with old age. Whether this claim is true or not, is a topic for another day. Today, let’s evaluate the various ways through which a man can enjoy optimal sexual pleasure, and be able to love his wife, irrespective of his old age. Just because you have advanced in years, it does not mean that sex should become boring, or a thing of the past. You and your partner can still have the time of your life in the bedroom. Imagine being able to sustain your sexual drive and stamina for as long as you live.

Here is how:

Work on your diet

The food you feed your body, and other eating habits are important indicators of how healthy or not; your sex life will become – even as you grow old. Of course, the youthfulness you have always enjoyed will begin to disappear with time, but you needn’t be like other men of your age. Ensure only to eat a balanced diet, and most importantly, familiarise yourself with sex and penis enhancing foods. Some of these foods include onions, bananas, watermelons, oysters, as well as fresh fruits and vegetables among many others.

Reduce alcohol intake, or quit.

Alcohol is considered a depressant of the central nervous system, which means that it inhibits some parts of the central nervous system which is essential for sexual arousal and orgasm. It also dehydrates the body, and this acts against your sexual health because the body needs a given amount of blood flow to the genitals for erection and sensation to occur. Alcohol, therefore, results in reduced erections, as well as delayed ejaculation. For this reason, take alcohol in moderation or quit altogether.

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Take supplements

Most of the time, it is usually impossible to intake every nutrient that your body needs as far as sexual health is concerned. Supplements are the best way to make up for the amounts of nutrients remaining after your daily food portions. Male supplements are plenty in the market, and you should not have difficulties finding the most suitable for you.

Cigarette smoking is not good for your penis and general sexual health

For starters, cigarettes are known to cause penis shrinkage. The smoke contains elements that constrict the blood vessels, and in turn, interfering with the flow of blood to the penis area – which is highly needed for strong and lasting erections. Unfortunately, cigarettes also have the potential to take away a substantial portion of your penis length. This is enough motivation to quit smoking once and for all.

Regular physical exercise

Regular workouts go a long way in improving your sexual health. Never underestimate the connection between physical exercises and sex. When you exercise, your body releases endorphins, which consequently causes your body to produce high levels of sex hormones. Sex makes you feel good about yourself, and this improves your performance in the bedroom. Organise yourself in a manner that you have enough time to engage in regular body exercises.

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