The Side Effects Of Male Enhancement Pills

Despite enjoying a significant popularity in the market due to their roles, male enhancement pills are not free from criticism. Many questions emerge regarding their safety. With the many insecurity issues facing different men, almost all men would be taking these pills by now. Why do most men shy away from these pills despite their flaunted benefits? Well, there might be some reasons for doing so. Below are some of the side effects of male enhancement pills you need to know;


A headache is the first common side effect you are likely to suffer from when taking male enhancement pills. Despite making your penis increase in size by enhancing your blood flow, male enhancement pills increase the nitric oxide level in your body, and this is what results in a headache.

Prostate Gland Disorder

Continuous use of male enhancement pills can significantly increase testosterone concentrations in the body. When this occurs, your prostate gland may increase in size which can later lead to serious complications.


It is common for men on male enhancement pills to experience dizziness. This is usually caused by an increase in nitric oxide levels in the body. Though not severe, dizziness can affect your way of doing things; for example, doing things slowly. You should always watch out for this sign, and in the event, it persists, don’t hesitate to seek medical attention.

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Digestive system problems

Not every male enhancement pill can interact with the body correctly. People have varying characteristics; hence not all pills can work for all men. Some pills are made of reactive ingredients that can cause digestion problems in the body. When you are experiencing such problems, you should consult your doctor or an expert about what should be done to counter the situation.

Vision changes

Male enhancement pills can interfere with your eyesight subjecting you to blurred vision. These drugs usually consume a lot of body energy as more blood is directed to the penis. This may affect your eyesight making you lose your vision temporarily. Also, you may experience a vision loss that persists. When this occurs, it is preferable to stop using the pills immediately and seek medical attention from an expert.


Most men prefer lasting longer in bed. This is the main reason they opt for male enhancement pills. However, have you ever imagined of staying erect even after ejaculating? Well, this is one of the issues you are likely to experience with an excessive use of these pills. Having a prolonged erection can be frustrating after sex as it can make you uncomfortable. Suppose you experience this condition, consider applying a cold compress or a relaxant.


Taking male enhancement pills over a longer period may cause skin redness. You may experience redness on the face and other body parts. Flushes exist in two forms; mild and severe. Mild flushes resemble a blotchy skin while severe flushes resemble rashes. When you discover this symptom, you should stop consuming alcoholic drinks or be eating hot or spicy foods. Also, flushes are not recommended for warm temperatures. You can talk to your doctor about the best form of treatment to undertake.

Heart palpitations

Heart palpitations are the rapid pounding of the heart, which can be prompted by exercise, stress, medication or medical conditions. Male enhancement pills cause the heart to pump a lot of blood to the penis at a faster rate. This strains the heart subjecting it to palpitations.

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