Can Male Enhancement Treat Erectile Dysfunction?

Sexual health problems are an almost common occurrence in recent years. These challenges are attributed to a wide array of psychological, physical, biological and lifestyle factors. Some of the sexual health concerns that men are greatly afraid of are premature or delayed ejaculation, cases of infertility, decreased libido, and impotence/erectile dysfunction and so on and so forth.

An individual is said to have erectile dysfunction when he experiences regular difficulties obtaining or sustaining a sufficiently strong erection that it interferes with his ability to engage in either penetrative or non-penetrative sex. A good number of men occasionally experience problems obtaining a firm erection. However, this should not be a cause of concern or an automatic diagnosis of erectile dysfunction unless it persistently prevents you from engaging in fulfilling sexual sessions. Rare cases may happen when you are under pressure or anxiety from any of the areas of your life – which is quite common. You should only be worried if, on several occasions, your manhood has failed to rise to the occasion.

Once you have been diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, your doctor will pay attention to three critical areas namely the hormones, nervous supply, and blood flow. The objective is usually to establish the root of the condition as that is the only way that erectile dysfunction and its symptoms can be eradicated.

In 1998, Viagra came as a savior for men struggling with different levels of ED. In 2003, Levitra and Cialis entered the market to compete for a share of the market with Viagra. Fast forward and these sex pills are still largely in use. The mere existence of these sex pills and their popularity since their inception means that they are at the very least capable of satisfying the sexual health needs of the users – to a certain extent. However, we must also be honest with ourselves.

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In as much the FDA-approved sex pills are said to be effective, it is imperative to note that they only give short term solutions. For instance, once you take 50mg or 100mg dosage of Viagra, it gives you an erection with an expiry time or date – say several hours; four to roughly twelve hours. What this means is, if you have erectile dysfunction and wish to indulge in sex tomorrow, you will be forced to take another one for you to perform optimally. As such, pharmaceutical sex pills come in handy for individuals looking for a quick fix or boost, and nothing more.

The desire to give the world a more viable and lasting solution is the motivation behind the presence of natural sex pills or male enhancement products. These penis enhancement products are made from a carefully selected combination of natural herbs and plant extracts. Some of these herbs are critical ingredients in the Ayurvedic (Indian medicine) and the Traditional Chinese Medicine. In recent years, even the western herbalists swear by the healing properties of these ingredients.

The broad range of these herbs delivers different solutions. Some are said to boost fertility (such as maca), others are good for enhancing libido and sexual stamina, while others perform the incredible job of alleviating premature or delayed ejaculation and strengthening erections.

Natural male enhancement work in a slow, yet sure way. While you may be required to take them for a couple of months to see results, the journey is worth the while. In the end, you obtain an optimally functioning male reproductive system. Note that the natural male enhancement products for erectile dysfunction do not promise overnight results. Persistence, patience, and discipline are must-have virtues.

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