Erection 101

You must already have heard the saying that goes like; you never know what you have until you lose it. This phrase applies perfectly when a man loses or begins to lose his erectile function. Correct me if I am wrong, but sometimes I tend to think that a good number of men take their erections for granted. They only begin to cry foul and research about this topic only when they suspect a problem with their ability to obtain and maintain an erection. Men do not realize how important it is to understand issues surrounding their erections such as how and why they happen and the things that can make one suffer from erectile dysfunction.

Today in erection 101, we highlight four things that every man should know about his penis and the erections.

Your penis is either a grower or a shower

Men are created uniquely even when it comes to their male members. Some men have growers that tend to look small, but then grow significantly when they erect. Others have showers. They are generally big but do not grow much during erections but rather just harden.

Penile curvature

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Generally speaking, the penis of every man obtains a slight bend to the right or left upon erecting. Many men are worried about this scenario and wonder if it is normal. If your penis does not curve more than 15 degrees from the midline, then there is no cause for worry. On the other hand, if the bend exceeds 15 degrees, and is particularly painful when erect, you could be looking at Peyronie's disease. If you suspect that you have a problematic penile curvature, consult your doctor. The condition is treatable via medical or surgical procedures.

Your penis is prone to fracturing

You must already be wondering how this happens yet the penis does not have bones. The truth is; an erect penis can break during sex. It happens when a couple is having sex in awkward positions and places such as the car, in the elevator or generally in areas that have so little spaces that you cannot engage in comfortable sex. Stressful sex is largely to blame for penile breakage, including when a man is having an extra-marital affair. Be careful of the sexual positions and styles you choose, the availability of space as well as the force you exert when thrusting your manhood inside and outside the vagina.

Bad oral health translates to erectile problems

This revelation may come out as one of the weirdest things you have ever heard, but it is worth paying attention. According to research findings published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, your oral health is a huge determinant of the state of your erectile function. In the study, the research participants with erectile dysfunction were three times more likely to have gum disease or periodontal – compared to the men who did not have erectile dysfunction. Apparently, the inflammation arising from the reactions to the infection may spread from the gums to the entire body including the reproductive system. Regular visits to your dentists and brushing your tooth twice per day help to prevent the bacteria responsible for gum disease.

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