What Can A Sportsman Teach You About Male Enhancement?

One thing that men are not aware of is the numerous similarities between sports and actual sexual intercourse. If you have been keen on following the activities and performance of your favorite sportsmen – whether they are athletes, basketball or football players – you must have realized that a lot usually goes into their preparations. However, do not limit your thinking. As far as their preparations are concerned, there is more than meets the eye. It does not entirely have to do with the endless hours of intense training. There is a lot more, and this will become the focus of our article today.

The primary objective is to determine a few things here and there that you can learn from athletes, which apparently, come in handy in boosting your sex life and performance in general. For a moment, forget about the intense training and practice that your athletes talk about when asked the reason behind their success. There are three things they do not dare to mention to the rest of the world, namely;

  • Testosterone
  • Dopamine
  • Human growth hormone

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Your favorite sportsmen have since understood the importance of the above three hormones and have been doing everything humanly possible (although, it is not rocket science) to keep the levels of the above three hormones within the recommended levels.

Now, let’s forget about the sportsmen, and pay attention to the fact that, testosterone, dopamine, and human growth hormone are important hormones in the determination of the state of your sex life, and the penile size too. Yes, you read right! I just mentioned your penis size and potential growth! Besides, it is no longer a secret that men can grow their penises a little bit longer or wider if they have fallen out of love with what their mamas gave them.

Let’s consider each of these hormones and their importance in male enhancement

  • Testosterone – it is one of the main sex hormones, besides estrogen. Testosterone is responsible for the growth of the male sex organs when the boys are developing into men. It is also instrumental in the growth of male physical attributes like broader shoulders, facial hair and the development of denser muscle. As such, men pursuing penis enlargement may want to ensure that their testosterone levels are in check. Further, if you have recently been experiencing a dip in your sexual urge, the amount of testosterone in your body should be in the list of suspects. Men are more sexually excited when their testosterone levels are high and vice versa.
  • Dopamine – a neurotransmitter, dopamine plays a critical role in male behavior. Also known as the motivation hormone, dopamine dictates the motivation you will have, or the amount of efforts you will make towards the realization of a pictured goal. Apparently, the amount of dopamine that your brain can release when you are sexually aroused determines the level of your motivation in engaging in sex.
  • Human growth hormone – this is particularly critical in matters to do with penis enlargement. To maximize your penis enlargement goals, you must have a steady supply of human growth hormone during and after your penis enlargement program. HGH is responsible for muscle growth, and your penis is one of the body muscles.

What if there is a shortage of either of this hormone? You can always get a boost from one of the numerous male enhancement pills available on the market. You will be spoilt for choice, and once you take them, your sex life will never be the same again. You will wish you had known this sooner.

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