The Truth – Are Male Enhancement Pills Better Than Gels?

The process of choosing the best male enhancement product is never easy. The craziness increases where two products with almost similar ingredients are concerned. This post is for a person stuck between male enhancement pills and gels. We help you understand whether pills are better than gels. Let us consider a few important aspects or factors that are important when it comes to the identification of the most appropriate male enhancement product.

Convenience and privacy

With male enhancement pills, you just need to swallow a pill. It does not matter where you are. Whether you are at the office, in the comfort of your home, or in a plane going for a business trip, male enhancement pills offer utmost convenience. On the other hand, one must find time as well as a private place to apply the gel. Besides, gels are associated with some form of mess – not only for men but also for their female partners. This is particularly true for couples who have sex immediately after using the gel. Some women are allergic to such substances. As such, this is one area that male enhancement pills beat gels.


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Every wise person knows how important safety is in male enhancement. In any case, who would want to risk his health just for the sake of enhancing his sexual performance? I have this strong conviction that the safety of a product must also come before effectiveness. Both male enhancement pills and gels are said to be relatively safe. Of paramount importance is to make sure that you have bought from reputable sellers.

Do not be afraid of going an extra mile while shopping for PE products to find out the ingredients involved, and most importantly, the effect they have on your overall health. If possible, always engage your doctor who will use your medical history to determine if the product you are eyeing is safe. If you decide to use gel, find out if your partner is prone to skin allergies. Note that her vagina will come into contact with gel during intercourse. You would rather take precautionary measures than regret later. In any case, you don’t want to appear selfish in this whole scenario.


Again, as long as the right products are selected, both gels and pills are said to be effective. Remember to pay attention to the ingredients used in a given product. Reliable manufacturers include the contents in the product label. Research each item so that you know what to expect from the product as a whole.

When comparing the effectiveness, gels appear to deliver results faster than pills. This is mainly because; the majority of highly effective brands of gels utilize smart absorption technology that allows rapid penetration of the active ingredients into the erectile tissue of the penis – and in turn, make it work a few minutes after application. On the other hand, the stomach acids associated with the digestive system interferes with the efficacy of the active ingredients present in male enhancement pills – way before they reach the bloodstream. While the effectiveness of male enhancement pills is not in question here, we must agree to the fact that as far as the intake method is concerned, gels are much better.

In the end, the ball is in your court. Evaluate the above factors and determine what you consider more important than the other.

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