Remember, Pills Don’t Give You More Length

According to The Guardian, research results released by The International Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery revealed that approximately 11.6 million people underwent penile surgical procedures in 2013. It goes to show the amount of pain that men are willing to go through to have bigger penises. Thankfully, men who aren’t brave enough to go under the knife may rely on other methods of penis enlargement. Such techniques include penis enlargement devices namely penis extenders and pumps, as well as natural penis enlargement exercises.

In your search for the most effective PE method, you must have come across claims that penis pills promote penis length increase. It is easy for people to be lured into believing these claims especially because of the numerous aspects that make pills more appealing compared to other PE techniques.

They are loved due to their ease of use, convenience, and privacy, versatility, the fact that they are relatively cheap and readily available. For the longest time, men have used penis pills to get rid of a wide array of sexual health problems ranging from premature/delayed ejaculation (impotence), erectile dysfunction, low sex drive, decreased stamina and infertility and so on and so forth. The big question is; do penis pills promote increased penile length?

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First things first – penis pills do not cause permanent growth in penile length. Am sorry to have burst your bubble at this point, but I would rather you face the ugly truth as early as now. Unfortunately, you will find scams all over the Internet who will do anything to make you believe that your penis will grow if you consumed their pills. You must keep watch lest you fall, the victim.

Penis enlargement pills are designed to help strengthen your erections, depending on their contents. Weak erections usually translate to reduced penile length and girth (as far as the size of your erections is concerned). Some men wish to improve the quality of their erections even when they have not witnessed any deterioration. It is just a man thing. The performance of a man is in the bedroom is critical to his esteem and confidence. It is therefore easy to understand the origin of the obsession that men have with their penis size.

In as much as penis pills do not cause a direct increase in penile length, they come in handy in the whole process. When used alongside other PE methods such as penis extenders, pumps, and natural enlargement exercises, penis pills lead to increased penile length and girth. The active ingredients work by improving the flow of blood to all the body organs that are responsible for penile growth. Specifically, they promote proper circulation to the genitalia. This means that the penis receives all the nutrients needed to recover from the positive consequences of using penis extenders or pumps.

Penis extenders and pumps cause micro tears to the penile tissue which eventually leads to increased size during the repair and restoration process. Enough nutrients must be present for this to happen and therefore the need for more blood flow to the penile chambers. As such, if you intend to obtain a longer penis by using penis pills, consider using them alongside a penis enlargement device or natural penile enlargement exercises.

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