Why You Need “Herbal Extracts” And Not Herbs In Herbal Male Enhancement Pills?

Herbal male enhancement pills are called so because they contain active ingredients obtained from carefully selected herbs. Many people fail to understand is that these pills contain herbal extracts, rather than herbs themselves. On the other hand, some have never even given the whole thing a thought. They only know that a product is herbal – and that is just it.

Before I cause more confusion, let us understand what herbal extracts are. An herbal extract is merely a highly concentrated liquid where a solvent is utilized to derive the herbal properties of the plant material under consideration. The most common solvents include vinegar, vegetable glycerine, water or alcohol. They are extremely easy to make.

There are three categories of herbal extracts – based on the method of preparation. Liquid extracts are made using alcohol or water to dissolve active ingredients from the herb. The estimated dry herb strength is estimated at 1:4 or more. Solid extracts are prepared through evaporation to get rid of a considerable part of the solvent. The ratio of dry herb to solvent is 4:1. Powdered herbal extracts are almost the same as solid extracts but with a higher elimination of the solvent. The herb to solvent ratio is around 10:1. The person extracting the herbal properties determines the most appropriate solvent to use depending on the intended use.

So, why are herbal extracts better than herbs when it comes to herbal male enhancement pills? It is because of one primary reason – herbal extracts are more concentrated than their source herb. Besides being easy to make, they are convenient to consume. A person, who decides to bypass the extraction process, and instead take the herb itself, will be required to intake a lot more of the herb to obtain as much active ingredients as the one present in an extract.

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Let’s look at the following example; would you prefer to drink a whole cup of tea (made using a given herb), or would you instead consume one or two drops of a highly concentrated herbal extract dose? Which one is easier? If you perceive things as I do, then you will agree that the latter alternative is far much more comfortable and more convenient.

There is yet another critical factor that mustn’t be left out – your body’s ability to break down the herb to obtain the active ingredient. As your body struggles to extract the useful herbal properties present in a male enhancement pill, it ends up losing most of the active ingredients. Now that the methods of obtaining valuable components from herbs have evolved significantly, you needn’t put your body through the agony of doing the extraction. In any case, you will be on the losing end.

When herbal extracts are used in male enhancement pills, the desired results are accomplished a lot faster compared to when just an herb itself is used. Something that would have taken you a year to achieve takes shorter time, say a few months. What is the point of taking male enhancement pills and waiting for a year or two (just because it was made using herbs, instead of herbal extracts), while you can get the same results within six months?

Lastly, herbal extracts are crucial in male enhancement pills because it is easy to determine the exact quantities of the individual active ingredients you are taking. On the other hand, the use of herbs limits you from being aware of this vital fact.

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