The Benefits, Usage, Dosage, And Side Effects Of Tribulus Terrestris

Tribulus terrestris is a plant in the family of caltrop widely distributed around the globe. It is adapted to grow in a dry climate regions that can accommodate few other plants. In colder climates, Tribulus terrestris grows as a summer annual.


Tribulus helps improve sexual function, libido, and stamina for men. According to tests conducted in the castrated and normal mice, Tribulus Terrestris is proven to be an effective libido booster. In a particular study, two groups of mice including the castrated and the normal mice were part of the experiment.

Water containing TT was given to the first group while placebo was given to the other group. It was discovered that the mice on TT become more sexually active. This case was witnessed for both the castrated and the normal mice. However, the group given the placebo didn’t show any changes in libido.

For women, Tribulus Terrestris helps improve sensitivity, sexual performance, and libido. It has been suggested by numerous studies to work better than the hormone therapy. It can help women recover regular ovulation and gain an improved fertility. Besides, it can aid in alleviating menopausal symptoms and mood swings.

Apart from improving the libido in men as well as women, Tribulus Terrestris can help improve the body’s circulatory system. Usually, unhealthy circulatory systems are caused by the presence of wastes arising from eating and breathing. Tribulus Terrestris has been proven to help clean up body waste and expand the blood vessels for a better blood supply all through the body. This cleaning helps men have better and lasting erections.


Tribulus terrestris is mainly used to enhance male health including vitality and virility. It is used as a powerful libido enhancer in both men and women. The fruits of tribulus seem to safeguard the body organs including the kidneys and the liver from oxidative damages when used at reasonably low dosages. This confirms the status of this herb as an adaptogen. Tribulus terrestris can also be used as an energy booster since it has the ability to fight fatigue.

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When looking to boost sexuality and libido, a 60% saponin extract with a dose of between 200 to 450mg daily is the best choice. Based on rodent research, the dosage of 5mg/kg of Tribulus terrestris saponins would correlate to a human dosage of;

  • 90 mg of a 60% extract (55 mg saponins)
  • 120 mg of a 60% extract (70 mg saponins)
  • 150 mg of a 60% extract (90 mg saponins)

In order to avoid the suffering from the possible side effects, you should;

  • Take 3 servings of between 750 mg and 1250 mg daily.
  • Take the servings for a period of 3 months.
  • Break for about 2 to 4 weeks.
  • Continue with the usual dosage for a period of 3 months and maintain the cycle going.

Side effects

Some of the common side effects one could suffer from as a result of failure to take the dosage as recommended include;

  • Restlessness at night: Tribulus terrestris is known to increase body energy hence one should consider exercising after taking it to burn the extra energy. Failure to do this may result in restlessness or deprive one of sleep.
  • Discomfort in hot weather: some people have reported feeling warmer than normal after using Tribulus terrestris.
  • Increased heartbeat: Some people may feel an increased heartbeat than usual when using Tribulus terrestris. Despite this being normal, some may feel uncomfortable with the increased heartbeat. In this case, one is advised to reduce the dosage.

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