Know How You Can Please Your Woman In Bed


It's the 21st century now and everything has changed and so does the ways of pleasing a woman in bed. What used to be fun before is boring now and what was not known back then is a great weapon in bed. Let us see how you can take help of the new ways to please your woman sexually.

Always try to experiment:

Previously everyone used to believe that you need to keep on doing the same thing that she likes. This is not true anymore. Now, you need to make sex fun and exciting and no one gets excited with the same old boring act over and over again. You need to experiment something new. Once you made some new moves you need to ask her how it makes her feel. Feedback is really important.

You might enjoy doing something but she may not like it. So if you don't get the feedback then you may kill her mood for sex and it will set everything off. Once you are aware about what she likes then you can grow a general idea about what new thing you can do that might excite her and as well as you.

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Fantasy helps a lot

Fantasy is for those who are lonely. It is not true anymore. Many PhD earned doctor says that women needs fantasy to free her mind from any stress or tension. If a couple gets into intimacy when they are relaxed then that will surely lead to a great sex. For that you need to cook up a very erotic story for your women where she might get lost in and will be more relaxed than ever. If you get to encourage this part of her then you can very easily lead to have a great sex.

Allow her to take over

A woman knows completely about their demands and needs. So if you let her take over the intensity and allow her to control the pace then it will work as a advantage for you. You need to give her more fun while having sex in order to get more fun for yourself. The more she enjoys the better it is for you. Allow her or, better yet, insist her to be on your top. This way she will be able to use different positions such as sitting cross legged, facing away or even facing you.

Touch different locations to get different results

A woman's urethra, vagina and clitoris are interconnected so stimulating any of those organs will help to an overall arousal. You need to be gentle and loving while using your finger to rub slowly in a circular motions. Once she is aroused, you need to pace up and do it faster. She might start screaming as her sexual drive increases. Since those parts are very sensual so you need to be very careful. Make sure you are not hurting her and also you hands need to be clean since they are infection prone.

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