Mystery Solved About How To Have Great Sex


In every relationship at the initial stage everything seems fun, exciting, magical, spontaneous and wonderful. At those times the couples used to do what comes out naturally to stimulate great sex life. It's then in the long time relationship when monotony kicks in and couples start wondering how to keep that flame alive. They starts questioning themselves about the ways to get those magic back again so as to spice up the relationship they are in. to have the same enthusiasm as before let us see what you need to do when you are in a long term relationship:

Keep the mystery alive

In the beginning stage of every relationship you have lots of options to go for. As time passes by and relationship takes a shape you get outnumbered with those options. Everything seems to done and dead. Well here is some thing you can do. Keep the mystery alive in the bed by spicing up it a little bit.

Perform a sex action which will be consolidation of two or three sex acts. Keep your women always wondering about what is going to happen next? The more she is uncertain about it the better it is. Doing same old, over and over again, will bore you and as well as your partner.

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You need to act like before

It is a very normal thing that the way you mingle with your lady in the initial stage is not at all same the way you do after a long time in a long term relationship. If you have forgotten all those things that you used to do then you need to think hard about them again. Believe it or not, those affection and attention that you used pay was the tunnel to your destination.

Thus if you want to visit the same place again where you had mind blowing sex then you need take help of those tunnel again. Show her affection and be attentive to what she is saying. Never think of doing them so as to get her in bed but do them genuinely. Because if you really connect with your partner emotionally again like before then only you can have sex with that much intense and care.

Give respect and get respect

In anyone's sex life respect plays a very important role. To develop and maintain a proper relationship, the partners need to have a specific amount of respect towards each other. If one of the partners does something because of which he or she loses the respect from the partner then the relationship is going to end up.

This goes not only for your partners but also for all those who are around you. Showing respect means you respect your self and it shows how beautiful your inner self is really. Girls are attracted to those who are nice and respectful and not someone who is foul-mouthed or disrespectful. Thus in order to have a great sex you needs to be respectful to the rightful amount.

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