Sex Does Not Care What Age You Are


There are many men out there who thinks that just because they are or over 40 they are not worth anything to women anymore. They think they can not date any high quality women and that it is just the end of line for them. Well they are wrong and greatly mistaken. Instead of setting down you need to get out and look for the one you like. Because it sex really does not care what age you are, if you are in good shape, if you have lot to offer and if you know how to do it right then you are always desirable to some women or the other.

Sure age becomes quite challenging but it is not impossible. With just a little changes here and there will make you a great lover and you will be able to prove the ladies that you still carry what it requires to satisfy them between the sheets. The things you need to know or do are mentioned below:

You need to be in a good shape:

Whether you are 40 or 20, sex is always a marathon and not a sprint. You need to last long in bed so as to satisfy you partner to the fullest. In your 40 it is hard to keep your body strong as it used be in your 20's. If you are not in your best shape then you might start panting on taking your clothes off but if you in your best shape then you might go on for several rounds.

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With best figure not only your stamina will be boosted but you will look muck sexier and better. Thus with only your clothes off your partner will be sexually excited which in turn result in a great sex.

You need to know new positions:

This is one of the biggest challenges when you date someone over 40. By this age most men or women are either got out from any long term relationship or divorced. In any long term relationship and marriages, sometimes, monotony kicks in and sex becomes some chore because of which the partners don't bother to work on improving themselves.

For most of the women, missionary is their best position but inevitable they also might have some other favourite positions. You need to be aware of other positions too, the more positions you know the better it is for you. Adding new and exciting positions makes you sex life better and fun and it goes without saying that it adds spice to your sex life.

Learn and deliver:

You might know everything that you need to know about how to satisfy a lady completely. That is the reason why you need to gather knowledge about it from lesbian sex. Yes, it is true, because a woman knows which button to push and when to push it so as to get the orgasm. Thus once you are well known about that, then go an try it out on your lady and satisfy her.

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