A Robot-Sex Doll Says She Can Bring A Revolution

No, it's insanity. Are you kidding, making love to a robot, a sex doll?

Your expressions probably reveal the same. However, Lan Yeo and Michelle Mars, two great minds, have a different perception to it, and they actually believe that a robot sex doll can bring numerous positive impacts. Just have a look, at what they think.

No AIDS, No STDs. Wow! A Healthy World

Truly, no disease in the history has ever affected the human race, with such a disastrous impact and rate as AIDS, which has only been in existence for last 60 years. The conquest of this disaster can be portrayed by the fact that almost 5 percent of sub-Saharan Africans are today infected with it, and most likely it would continue with the same rate, if there is no major paradigm shift, something like a sex doll.

As per the Indian government, sex workers ranks as the third highest among the groups of people with AIDS risk, after those addicts of intravenous drugs, and homosexual guys who practice unsafe sex. So this well pictures as how majorly sex workers have been contributing in a world of STDs.

So doesn't it sound great to have a robot, made of infections resistant fiber, which can furnish a man with equal pleasures, and would be safer? Yes, it would really be. Such sex dolls, can be well washed before exchanges among the clients, and in of one is much interested he could even buy her forever. Soon, there will be a great decline in the AIDS infected population.

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Relationships to Last Long - They Won't Cheat Their Girls

Especially in the recent decade, where casual sexes have become so common among men and women, there are numerous cases of break-ups, divorces, and all. A man, who makes love with any other girl, cheats his partner, and hence situations turn worse to even ending up a relationship.

As per the studies, a girl is more hurt thinking because of his partner's emotional connections with another girl, and sex here comes as the second point of concern. So, with sex-dolls, there are no chances of emotional connection, hence to a girl it wouldn't be hurting if her partner tries having pleasurable sex with a machine instead.

Getting Rid of Sex Addictions

Like e-Cigarettes, where one gets the same pleasure and nourishment to his crave but isn't harmed much, sex dolls can be also an efficient approach to fight the potential sex addiction in men. To the innate desire of having sex, that's harder to fight, one can get an effective way with these artificial dolls. A machine that can please you like a human, but you would be safe with it. So that sounds something innovative, right?

A sex doll has been just an imaginary concept, as of now. However, in context of so many advantages and benefits, it would really appeal the mass in the days to come. Truly, modern science has an answer, rather an effective solution, to any issue of the world.

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