His Fantasy In The Bedroom

Men, highly sexual are these creations of the nature. You have always tried your best to meet up-to his expectations in the bedroom. But, you fail, most of the times. Ok, you agreed for having sex, once every week, but even then he desires it after every five days. While, this aspect of a man can be great for a horny woman, but in common a woman wouldn't expect it so soon, as they usually desire making-love once a week or so.

No, you can't accuse those men. After-all, they haven't been taking any supplement, to enhance their desires, their sexual crave, and their strong wish for making love. In-fact it's the nature that has programmed men as so ‘hungry' for sex, and needless to say the only motive of nature here, has been to ensure the continuity of human race on this earth.

So truly, you can't accuse men for their strong sexual desires, and for many other things that they are programmed for. Like, when he often thinks about sex, when his fingers are always seeking for your erogenous zones, etc. You can't help it, and even they can't. They would simply enhance their sexual potential with volume pills, enlargement devices etc.

However, one of the benefits you can get after knowing these common psychological traits of most men is that, you can get a good idea about their fantasies in the bedroom.

Into Your Mouth

You might have always wondered, as why your man asks you to take his tool inside your mouth, whenever you both are ready for the penetrations down there. Yes, you guessed it right, and it's their natural instinct, their natural desire. Most men find it really very exciting to give it into your mouth, and they simply love it when you do it without any hesitation, and with great interest.

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Besides, you mightn't have an idea, how pleasing and satisfactory it would be for him, if you allow him to shed his load, inside your mouth. Yes, he would simply be more than gratified to you for this ‘favor'.

Although after knowing this natural interest of your man, you might agree to furnish him with the same, the next time. But, what could matter you here, is the hygiene. So, it's advisable that you ask your man frankly about cleaning his genital on regular basis.

Is That Your Anus

Nature has ingrained this instinct among men, that they are always keen on impregnating a woman. Besides, this urge is so compelling that they are ready to accept any orifice on your body.

To your surprise, the ultimate and the most exciting fantasy of most men, is to get inside you, the back-way. They have a strong desire for the same, to have anal sex with their partners. It takes out the wildest aspect of them, especially when it is through special poses like the doggy one.

So, the next time you think of giving him a surprise in the bedroom, turning your back towards him would be a great idea. The only thing to be precautious about is that you need to assure sufficient lubrication so that it doesn't become a painful experience for you.

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