Hold On Man, You Need To Know These Measures - Before Getting Laid With A Guy

You thought its ok, and are going to get laid with a guy, without any protection or so. You think, no, there couldn't be any chance of AIDS or any other sexually transmitted disease, when you both are guys. Moreover, it of course would be anal, and probably you haven't ever heard of STDs with anal sex.

But, to your surprise, these are all your misconceptions. You are highly vulnerable to STD's this way, and so you need to HOLD ON, and know the necessary safety measures in this context.

A lot many reasons enhance the chances of sexually transmitted diseases among men who prefer having sex with another man. Besides, it's not completely their fault that they mistake with such rumors, and lack of knowledge. AIDS education have always been aimed at heterosexuals, condoms were earlier seen only as a contraceptive measure and not like a protection device, and many more of those reasons have promoted such misconceptions.

As per the estimates, the total number of those men ranges to about 16 percent to the world's total male population. Besides, the Indian health ministry has recently confirmed that only India houses about 400,000 of those men in total, and among them nearly thirty one thousand to about forty one thousand can be HIV positive. So, you may well imagine the great contribution of such couples, as HIV risked population. However, far more significant than knowing the facts, is to being safe from this disaster, and to follow the safety measures for it.

Using a Condom - So what if it is anal

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Guys generally mistake thing that when they are getting sexually involved with the other guy, then they could do it without any protection, and there would be no chances of any issue. But to your surprise, the fact is with anal sex, there are much more chances of STD's than through any other body parts.

So, you need to be safer with a condom. Besides, another significant thing to note here is that, with anal sex, there are more chances of contraceptive failures, due to more friction involved. So ample of lubrication, is an indispensable requirement to prevent it, and to prevent any disastrous consequences.

Avoiding Casual Sex

It's always advisable that you avoid having casual sex, and to refrain from any other high-risk behavior with a stranger. One who is unknown to you, could be infected with any such sexual infection, so why to be vulnerable to those risks for a mere minute's pleasure. Being loyal to one partner is a wise and a safe idea. You remain safe that way.

However, if the circumstances are like when you have decided to go for it, then it would be highly advisable that you use condom, with ample of lubrications.

Above all, it's not that these are the safety measures, only when you are having sex with another guy. But, even if when you are making love with a girl, you need to be concerned about these safety measures. Stay protected!

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