Internet - You Fantasies And Sex Secrets Are Revealed

Diversified are the sexual desires in men. While for many, it's the young girls with curves that they prefer, there are also a great percentage of those who seek for aged women, cheating wives, and a lot more. So, it has always been a tough job to find a grip on the deepest sexual desires of guys.

However, the experts have found a very efficient and precise approach for the same. Internet, the virtual world that has been furnishing men with all those things that they desire, has been utilized as a medium. The easy availability of porn stuffs, and adult materials on the internet, have helped human desires to evolve, and to get what it wants, in no time.

So, experts made an analysis as to what usually men seek for, on the search engines, when none is around to watch their activities. So after well examining one billion sex-relevant searches made on the search engines by the users all around the globe, they came forward with few conclusive facts.

Straight Men Seek For Heavier Women

No, that isn't surprising to you, right? Haven't you always been staring at those curvy chicks, everywhere? That seems an expression of shy on your face. Anyways, it's not only you or your close friends, who share their fantasies with you, rather most straight men find those heavier women more fascinating, and they always desire to be with one of those in the bedroom.

While as per their personal preferences, few straight guys might love to date and make love with thinner females. But, in most of the cases, the curvier women have been successful in making the guys stare at their heavier breasts and butts.

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Even the search engines reveal the same about this fantasy of guys. They have got tired now to furnish you guys with those ‘special' results, on your clicks specifically about those women with curvy endowments.

Specific Erotic Images That Allure Guys

Now, here's is something that you would readily agree to. When none is around, one of the most common searches you make on the internet is about erotic images, and that too of elderly and transsexual women. Isn't it?

Guys have always been fond of arousing pictures, and when those are of women in their 50's or 60's, then they would ask for nothing more. Even numerous of those websites have well understood this special interest of the guys, and so they love to regularly update their portals with those special images.

These and a lot more of those conclusive facts, after a proper study, have been well published in a book titled ‘Billion Wicked Thoughts'. Co-authored by Sai Gaddam, of the Mail Reports Daily and Ogi Ogas, this book reveal a lot more of specific, peculiar, usual, and other such fantasies of the users on the internet.

So, that seems to reveal some ‘secrets', about you guys. Don't worry, just make it sure that your parents don't go through this renowned book, or else soon your internet connection would be banned with access to those ‘favorite' sites of your.

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