Petting Is Fun – Mere Acts To Enhance The Pleasure Of Making Love

Have you ever tried sucking or licking her nipples, prior to engaging yourself for the main course? Incredibly arousing it is, for both of you, right?

It's not only with the nipples. You both might have also enjoyed the experience of stimulating her vulva, clitoris, and vagina with your fingers, caressing her breasts, using your lips of tongues in these sensitive zones etc. Moreover, men have also started utilizing vibrators, sex toys, dildos, and other such pleasurable tools for the ‘purpose' these days.

There's nothing exceptional in your case, you aren't the only man who loves to experiment with these fun acts. Besides, these are equally efficient for improving your sex life as is a penis enlargement device, or volume pills etc.

Petting is the term coined for these exciting acts of stimulating your partner's sex organs or her breasts, either with your hand or even with your tongue. One good thing about petting is that not only the receiver, but the one who does it, also greatly enjoys the acts. So, they love to put in all their efforts for this mutual pleasure.

Another remarkable aspect about petting is that one's instinct guides him for it. Do you remember you have ever made effort on the search engines for these, or you privately tried to turn those pages of magazines to be a master in it? Possibly no, in-fact none does these researches. So, how do they come to know about it, how do your fingers and tongue get engaged for the acts, when you actually haven't read about petting ever.

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The answer is your instinct. Once a man gets comfortable with the surroundings, and he is psychologically prepared for making-love, then it's his instinct that guides him for petting. He follows its commands and start doing all those arousing acts that have a lot of benefits.

Prepares Your Battleground

Its fine that your are excited enough for the pleasures, and fortunately your little warrior too is all prepared in a firm and erect state for taking her to the world of ecstasy. However, she could find it a bit painful and harsh on her soft genital, in absence of proper lubrications. Now no matter, how much you lubricate her down there, but nothing can surpass the nature's arrangement in this context.

The more you engage yourself with petting, the more effectively your battleground is prepared. Yes, it's true that the kind nature has furnished women's vagina with a special trait that is opens up, and is lubricated naturally, once they are aroused with such acts.

Excites Her For A Satisfying Session

Besides, another obvious yet great advantage with petting is that it excites a woman both physically and psychologically. It stimulates her, arouses her, and makes her ready for a completely satisfying and ecstatic love-making experience.

It's quite indispensable before an intercourse, especially for a girl, that she is excited for the upcoming fun and pleasures. This is the only key for a satisfying experience to both the partners. So, with petting, you have the way, and not to forget you don't need to be scholar for the same, your instinct can well guide you here.

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