Deftly Handle Your Enhanced Penis Size

Men are frustrated when they feel they are unable to fulfill their women. They have been watching the dream world of pornography and decided to get their penis size enhanced for strong, large and longer erections. After getting an improved penis size using male enhancement products, they are now eager to attempt a successful sexual session. However, certain things must be kept in mind before you have your first experience with an improved penis size.

You will have to start all over again because it will be a new experience for your woman to get balanced physically, emotionally and mentally to take pleasure from your new achievement. You do not desire it to be a session that hurts your lady, so you will have to approach it skillfully.

You have been together but ladies love compliment anytime. Flattering remarks will make her relax. Don't wait to praise her till you are in bed but, during the day you can talk about bad things you desire to perform with her or send her flowers or offer some intimate gift. Consequently, she will get flattered and be more responsive, during sex.

When you skillfully penetrate her ensure that your new size does not hurt her delicate organ. It is vital that to reduce the anxiety of your woman getting hurt, it is sensible to generously apply lubricant. Before using lubricants get to know, which are suitable as there are several products offered in the market?

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Water based lubricants are smooth and get absorbed easily by the mucous membrane and the skin. It is compatible with condoms and just needs warm water for cleaning after libido. However, if you have just enhanced your penis size then it is vital to re-apply lubes, so she does not feel odd about it.

Silicone based lubricants are oily and last longer, so you do not need to apply again. However, cleaning up is messy, after sex. Oil-based lubricants corrode the latex therefore it is not well-matched with condoms. They may crumble and leave you susceptible to STD's and pregnancy. In addition, they harm the woman's vaginal health and are messy to clean-up later.

It is natural that you are keen to display your new gained size and stamina from the application of penis extenders. Be confident but not over-confident and attempt play the role of a porn star. Now, with augmented energy and mass may make you feel more active but may make your woman shy away from this hardcore action. Do not ignore your lady's whole-body sensuality because this is measured as the main reason, why woman hate porn-style sex.

Go slow, work your foreplay ritual well, talk sincerely and tell her how much you adore her. Consequently, she will melt in your arms. You will have to keep an eye-contact to ensure that she is not feeling uneasy, as you thrust your enhanced size. Finally, when you definitely feel that she is all right then only, it is good to make progress with your sexual session. You will feel like a winner with the new obtained penis size, using extenders.

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