Fundamental Statistic Regarding Female Orgasm

Only 25 out of hundred females are orgasmic through vaginal intercourse every time. In other words, simply one-fourth females experience genuine climax during intercourse. Penis size, durability or feelings about relationship does not matter at all to women during real orgasm.

This statistic is reported from a wide-ranging inspection of 33 researches for more than 80 years in the past. It is presented in an intriguing book about female orgasm (Harvard University Press) written by Elisabeth Lloyd.

It is stated that only 50% females experience orgasms during sexual sessions, occasionally. Furthermore, 20% rarely or constantly climax during intercourse and roughly 5% never ever have orgasms. Expressing differently, intercourse is not a solution to most of the female's sexual satisfaction.

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In fact, intercourse plays the major part in reproduction or it is the core reproductive organ. Additionally, as long as males do not thrust in before you are ready and lubricated well then you can enjoy it and have great fun. However, this concern deepens the connection between both of you. Conversely speaking, the endless intercourse actions viewed in porn movies and believed it to be the fact by majority of men and women are not essential in lovemaking.

This guide has several significant suggestions:

  • Unable to experience climax during intercourse is an absolutely normal situation for females. Several ladies require direct clitoral stimulation for attaining orgasm. This cannot be achieved during intercourse, since the clitoris is situated on the outer side of your vagina and few inches under the top joint of the vaginal orifice. On the other hand, actions during intercourse do not offer direct stimulation to the clitoral, which facilitates many females to get adequately aroused to experience climax. Betty Dodson (PhD), at New York sex mentor say's that intercourse is acceptable but she prefers an artistic tongue on her clitoris.
  • Several females have no issues regarding the size of penis for their sexual satisfaction. With the statistic that just 25% females are always orgasmic during their sexual sessions then you can conclude that penis size does not matter. The truth is that penis size does not affect any males, it offers them great enjoyment but the main aspect is that most females do not acquire erotic pleasure from intercourse or the penis but from direct stimulation of the clitoris by using fingers, palm, sex toys or tongue.
  • Many men feel that lasting for long time during an intercourse does not matter for them. So, you may be wondering, why they go for male enhancement products or why they desire longer ejaculations? To a certain extent they believe that it is more enjoyable for females. Several women do indeed get pleasure from extended intercourse, whether they experience climax or not. Males can control their ejaculation by using male enhancement supplements.
  • As a final point, only one-fourth females are regularly orgasmic then it is good to accept sex without intercourse. In fact, it is better for mid-aged couples over 40 years. As years pass, men's erection ability turns down and women experiences menopause changes. Due to which females feel uncomfortable and cannot enjoy an intercourse, even if she is lubricated appropriately. Several elderly couples or young lovers may favor sex without intercourse as an erotic alternative.

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