What Is Meant By Enjoying At The Same Time?

When it comes to the complete sexual satisfaction orgasm plays a vital role in deciding that. Lots of people have taken the meaning of orgasm in a wrong way. When we talk about the simultaneous orgasms the subject becomes even more complicated. In medical terms this is the moment when both the male and female orgasm at the same time. Yes, at the same point of time.

According to doctors and sexual experts', it's just impractical to have such situation. Even though most of the males and females of today's age think that they can attain the orgasm simultaneously, in reality it is not true. There was an experienced shared by a female who had several lovers. She had to wait for a long time in order to get synchronize her orgasm timing with her lover. She was around 40 when she could find a lover with same tempo.

This clearly shows that simultaneous orgasm is simply a myth or fiction that has been created by many romantic and erotic novels. As a result of which there are many young couple who are suffering from the syndrome of simultaneous orgasm. This is creating a trouble in most of the couple's life and when they fail to achieve this they start thinking that there is something wrong with their sexual health.

There have been many medical studies and researches conducted across the world to understand and educate the couples regarding the simultaneous orgasm. As the reports of the studies it is very much clear that couples very rarely achieve the simultaneous orgasm. Especially at the young age it is very much difficult for the couple to achieve this.

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For a couple the only way to achieve the simultaneous orgasm is to have a long term relationship with each other. The relationship should be loving and very close and they are aware of each other's sexual requirements as well as sexual responses. If you are thinking of achieving this in one night stand or short term affair then it is practically not possible.

The researches on women sexuality have shown that for a woman it is very difficult to achieve the orgasm with merely sexual intercourse. Experts feel that a woman must be raised to such highs with the help of foreplay that she will be able to respond to the sexual stimulation and thus will be in a position to climax at an appropriate timing.

The same case is with men, it is very difficult for a man to time his ejaculation. This may result in the untimely climax and thus he may not come in synch with her. Premature ejaculation is one of the main reasons for the missing out the perfect timing. After studying all this we have accumulated some information which will give you tips to achieve simultaneous orgasm.

  • Take care of your partner to orgasm at her own will during the sexual intercourse
  • You can take the advantage of multiple orgasms
  • As a man you should learn to control the timing of your orgasms.

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