Excel The Art Of Oral Sex And Enhance Your Sexual Performances

Until some years ago, oral sex was mainly preferred by minority couples However, now days, it has become quite popular and people all over the world enjoy indulging into such an act. As per as research that was conducted by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States of America , the following facts were collected from people. The research was carried out as a research work and following facts were found –

  • Around about 48.4 percent of male teenagers enjoyed oral sex with their partner. They wanted to indulge more into such acts as it gave them immense pleasure
  • In case of female teenagers, the percentage was equivalent to 44.6
  • 90.4 percent of men whose age was between 25-40 years of age had already y had oral sex with their partners and enjoyed them as well
  • In case of adult female the percentage was around about 88.8 percent

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The percentage is approximate, as it is based on a survey. There are many reasons and advantages of indulging into oral sex. There are innumerable reasons as to why men love to have oral sex. However it is quite important to consider the consequences of the same. Oral sex can cause chlamydia infection, which can cause serious health related issues. This happens if you are having sex with different partners, as you never know their health condition.

The Advantages of Oral Sex:

Not all the people are able to enjoy oral sex, although they fantasize about the same. This type of sex, certainly adds up spice to your relationship. It is because of this reason, why men prefer to enjoy oral sex. Women also love oral sex, as it helps them to achieve orgasm. With this, you can easily arouse her and give her the ultimate sexual satisfaction.

It is certainly the best option for men who are looking for better options to satisfy their female partners. Women, who find it quite difficult to get orgasm or climax, certainly prefer oral sex as it satisfies theme completely. It is also preferred by matured men, who have difficulty with their potency. In fact, oral suction strengthens their erection.

Different Types of Oral Sex:

There are mainly 2 types of oral sex. There are quite few who have excelled both of them and enjoying performing them at the same time. Cunnilingus is a term used for giving oral sexual experience to a woman. It can be performed by a male or a female partner. On the other hand, oral sex that is given to men is known as fellatio. In this process, the penis completely enters into the mouth of the partner.

This is certainly full of fun for men and they enjoy them anytime and every time. Some couples try to excel both the act and perform them at the same time. In simple words, man has his mouth on his partner's genitals, while women have her mouth filled with his penis. It is indeed one of the pleasurable moments, where they both enjoying pampering each other.

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