Understand The Difference Between Love And Sex

There are many people who quite often get confused between love and sex. In fact this is a common problem that has become a matter of concern for both men and women. Making love, many a times doesn't mean having sexual intercourse. There is a huge difference between loving a person and having sex with them.

Having sex with a stranger doesn't indicate that they are in love with each other. If that is the case, then one night stand will witness many love stories. It is thus important to understand the difference between both of them. In earlier day, making love was termed as flirting with someone. However the term has different meaning altogether in today's modern era.

Even today, you can some interesting sex magazines that use words like love, instead of sex. This definitely creates major confusion amongst people. This has greatly impacted the younger generation, who often miss these 2 terms. Girls always want men to make love to them and not have sex with them. They are never comfortable with the term sex at all.

Definition of Love:

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The dictionary meaning of love doesn't definitely mean sex at all. It is a special feeling that is shared between two souls. It talks about passion and commitment, and doesn't refer to sex at all. However these days, the meaning f the term has changed completely.

The common terms of love are as follows –

  • It refers to the emotion that is related to romantic love that couples feel for each other
  • Parents love their children and ensure that they lead a secured and safe life
  • Love is something that is shared between friends and others
  • There are quite a few people who love art, music, poems, and many others

Meaning of Sex:

The term sex is completely different when compared to love. It is more of biological requirement, where people want to satisfy their sexual needs. This word, in no ways means or relates to love or passion. You will definitely prefer to have sex with one whom you love and are committed. It is more often related to hormonal and testosterone.

There are many people who fall in love with each other and feel a stronger urge to indulge into sexual act. This is natural and people are passionate about making love with their partner. Such is the satisfaction that they don't feel like having sex with anyone else, apart from their partner. They don't want to let their partner down and want to be loyal to them.

This factor will keep their relationship special and passionate. Sometimes couples after making love with each other for a couple of times, realize that they are deeply in love with each other. Such couples are compassionate and enjoy each other's company. Wherein there are other group of people who intend to indulge into sexual relationship and nothing more than that. They are quite confident about the relationship and don't want to commit towards anything.

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