Find Out Some Interesting Facts About Emotional Intelligence In Women

Sex is an important part of human life. It is quite important to have a healthy and pleasurable relationship with your partner, so as to enjoy an active sexual life. However many a times, couples are not happy with their partners. Both of them don't feel an urge into indulging into any sexual activities at the same time. This can cause sexual disconnection, which can lead to severe mental and physiological impact.

When women are aroused, their partner might not have a mood to get involved. Such a scenario can be quite depressing and frustrating. Women find it very impossible to hard to orgasm. This has to do nothing with her love towards her partner. However, there is nothing to worry about such a situation. Women can overpower such a situation with their sexual or emotional intelligence.

This has been proved by a famous research that was carried out by King's College London. They revealed certain facts that proved that emotional intelligence can greatly enhance their sexual life. This research as carried out on more than 2000 females who had the same kind of issue. EI helped them to enjoy maximum orgasm, which as not case earlier.

Interesting Research works:

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The interesting part of this research was that women were aware of their feelings and as well as their partners as well. There were considerable numbers of women, who were able to attain the maximum orgasm and enjoyed sex till the climax. Regular sex is one of the main reasons that increase the EI in women.

As per Dr Daniel Amen from the University of California, it is quite important to enhance the oestrogen levels. This is possible by frequently indulging into various sexual activities. It improves the overall brain functionality and makes them sharp and alert for the same. In simple words, smart women can always allure their partner irrespective of the fact that they are interested in sexual act or not.

In fact, smart women know all the tactics to impress their partners. They are ever ready to enjoy a pleasurable and enjoyable sexual life and don't have to depend upon their partner's mood. When compared to men, they have more daring and adventurous ion nature, when it comes to sexual acts.

Martin Lloyd-Elliott is a famous Psychotherapist and sex therapist. He agrees to the fact that brain is the main stimulator and instigates people to indulge into various sexual acts. You can very well have a control over them, and don't have to control your emotions all the time.

Imagination is one of the key factors that is very important in having a joyful sexual life. It helps in achieving a quality orgasm, which is otherwise not possible. Women have natural instincts that can turn on their men. They know what to say and how to say. You can references of all these facts on some ancient history books. There are few women, who constantly fail in achieving orgasm for a simple fact that they don't dare to talk their sexual instincts.

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