How Does Biological Clock Impact Men?

Biological clock, until now was referred to women. After a particular age, women's ovaries stop producing fertile eggs and it ends with menopause. There is one fact that most people are till now, not aware of. This clock is also applicable to men, as they also experience certain changes that impacts their sexual life and reduces their fertility percentage.

Andropause is a medical term, which is referred to a stage where men experience a sudden decrease in sexual hormones. In such a situation men tend to lose their interest and don't indulge into any sexual activities. These changes don't happen overnight, as it normally happens with women. It happens gradually and intensifies with age.

Such a change impacts their fertility rate, and thus is considered to be very significant. For instance, men who are in and around the age of 40 years might take considerable time to father a child. This might not be the case with someone who is young and active. There are many medical reasons, as to why men suffer from such a disorder.

For many men and doctors, the term fertility is an issue that is related to women and their age. It is definitely a concern for men as well. In fact, men should be bold enough to get them checked and diagnosed, so to find out their fertility rate.

Is Fertility Issue Curable?

Most of the men tend to ignore treating themselves, due to lack of knowledge about the same. With the help of advanced treatment you can now cure this issue, with no much hassle. In fact, there has been an increase in couples parenting after the age of 35 years. This number is considerably larger than what it was a decade ago.

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Fertility is an issue that is a concern for both men and women. There is no point in blaming each other however you can certainly work towards finding a solution for the same. There are more than half numbers of couples who suffer from infertility issue. Some of them realize the same at an earlier stage, where in others take time.

It has become a tradition to blame a woman for the same, which is not right. There are advanced techniques that can help to become more fertile. IVF or vitro fertilization is one of the most successful methods of bearing child. However, such a step should be taken only after getting your medical checkup.

Impacts of Men and their Biological Clock:

Biological clock impacts men as it does women. It reduces their overall sexual performances and health. They either are not interested in indulging into any sexual activities or avoid it completely. It also has to with their sexual stamina, which is reduced considerably. They also experience various erection issues which is indeed one of the major concerns.

Men usually suffer from premature ejaculation, erection dysfunction, lack of sexual libido, and many others. Many a times they have difficulty in experiencing orgasm. Not at the issues are as complex as they appear to be like.

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