Vaginal Satisfaction From A Thick Penis, Stimulation From Penis Girth

You might just wonder, what is more important – length or thickness of the penis? These two are the most important attributes of the male sex organ and need to complement each other in order to have great love making sessions. You will enjoy your intercourse only if the girl is enjoying it and she attains maximum pleasure and satisfaction from it.

There is no use having a long yet thin penis. It won't be able to stimulate the tissues with the same effect as the thicker penis. The thickness creates more friction and pressure on the walls of the vagina. Extra pressure is created on the tissues, which in turn enhance the pleasure. A thin penis will not be able to create that effect and the length is of no use.

A woman would love having a thick penis inside her. It fills the entire vagina and creates immense stimulation inside her. Thrusting your penis deeper will make her go crazy and she'll long for more. Use this to the most and rub the inside of the penis slowly yet strongly with your thick organ.

Advantages of a Thick Penis

  • More chances of stimulating the G-Spot
  • Dilation of the vagina
  • Deep stimulation of tissues and sides of the vagina

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Clitoral orgasm or simply an orgasm is the ultimate thing a woman wants to experience. Continuous sensation and stimulation to the clitoris helps achieve it. The clitoris has two parts called legs, which are almost 4 inches long. Apart from this, the body is just as big as the first part of our thumb. The thickness of the penis is necessary to stimulate the glands connected to it and reaching an orgasm is possible.

A lot of women complain of not experiencing an orgasm. They have to make up with their partners, so that they do not offend them. They believe that too much lubrication is responsible for that. Actually, it is lack of girth, which causes this issue. The penis should be thick enough to stimulate and create pressure on the walls of the vagina.

A person having a small yet thick penis can also experience almost the same levels of satisfaction and pleasure while having sex. The initial two inches of the vagina are the most sensitive and this area can be stimulated by a small but thick penis. Use some external pressure and rub the walls with the skin of your penis to create maximum simulation.

If you are someone, who is not so lucky in terms of your penis's thickness, you shouldn't just give up. Try finding out different ways to stimulate your partners organ and expect some fun filled moments with her. You can also try Coitus Alignment Technique to make your girl experience an orgasm. You will need to rub the clitoris with your pubic bone.

Thickness wins over length and hence, it should be given more importance while having sex. A thick member is what every woman longs for and has the best intercourse she always dreams of.

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