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Big or Small Penis: Should it matter to me?

When it comes to the penile size, then the fact is that the average size of the erect penis is between 4 to 6 inches and having a circumference that lies between 4 to 6 inches as well. Though you might believe that you have a small penis, yet the reality is that you have a normal penis. It’s only in the flaccid state that there are few variations respectively. Therefore, a guy who appears huge and well-hung will not achieve a bigger penis in the erect state. But a small guy has the ability to grow his penis.

Secondly, you are firm on your view that you have a small penis even though the ruler shows otherwise, then you indeed are suffering from the penile dysmorphic disorder. This condition is similar to the perceptual distortion disorder that is suffered by the anorexics who believe that they are still fat even though they have become slim. One of the studies has revealed that most males that underwent penis enhancement surgery suffer from penis dysmorphic disorder and that they are not fully satisfied with the results as well.

A research done by Karen Elizabeth Boyle (Assistant Professor of Urology and Psychiatry at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore states that those men who are convinced enough that they have a small penis should benefit from a psychiatrist instead of visiting a surgeon.

If you want to attain a bigger penis, you can read some of the articles here to get guidance and expert advice.

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It is for sure that you can achieve a bigger penis through penile enhancement. But you need to follow the whole process carefully by following the instructions with the products and stay patient as well. The results will not happen overnight, but eventually you will benefit from the permanent penile gains in the form of enlarged girth and length.

It is common sense that your penile size will only matter to you. If it is small and you are unhappy, then you should enhance it. But if you have normal penis size, then it will not be wise to change it to impress others or to fit with them.

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