6 Tips To Beat Premature Ejaculation

About 30 percent of men usually have to deal with premature ejaculation at some point in their lives. A form of male sexual dysfunction, PE causes significant distress. The definition of premature ejaculation may differ from one culture or country to another.

On average, however, PE is said to happen if a guy has difficulties controlling his ejaculation and in turn, causing it to happen within half a minute to four minutes into sexual penetration. Many experts tend to agree that a man who ejaculates two minutes or less into sex has premature ejaculation – if it happens several times.

Thankfully, PE is very much treatable. The very first thing you may want to consider is to speak to your doctor. A health practitioner comes in handy in such instances. He will recommend a couple of tests to dismiss or confirm the presence of an underlying health condition which could be the cause of the premature ejaculation.

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A doctor will also prescribe medicine to treat any level of premature ejaculation. As such, men needn’t feel embarrassed by the thought of discussing their sexual health with their doctors. The sooner you do so the better for you and your partner. In any case, delayed treatment of PE may worsen the situation.

Other six tips for beating premature ejaculation include:

  1. Start and stop method – this behavioral technique is by far the simplest when it comes to overcoming premature ejaculation. While it is advisable that you do it with your partner, you may also do it alone. The method demands the stimulation of the male member and stopping just when you are about to ejaculate. The stimulus should be stopped for about 30 to 60 seconds. Upon regaining your ejaculatory control, you carry on with the stimulation. The process should be repeated about four to five times. When you are done, allow ejaculation to occur to help you determine the point of no return.
  2. The squeeze method – this is yet another useful behavioral technique of overcoming PE. The process is almost the same as the “start and stop method.” The only difference is; once you stop the stimulation, you are required to squeeze the area between the penile shaft and the glans for about half a minute. While this helps to postpone ejaculation, note that your erection will decrease but will return when you are stimulated again. Conduct four to five sessions of the squeeze method before allowing ejaculation to occur. You must exercise utmost patience to obtain the desired results from this technique. Your partner must also be very understanding and supportive.
  3. Thick condom – Thick condoms are very helpful in instances where extreme penis sensitivity is to blame for the occurrence of premature ejaculation. Condoms help to make your penis less sensitivity and in turn prolonging the duration of sex.
  4. Foreplay – A good number of men struggling with premature ejaculation underestimate the benefits of foreplay. Sex isn’t just about penetration and orgasm. Every stage of sexual intercourse should be accorded the attention it deserves, foreplay inclusive. Discuss sex with your partner. Make her aware of the importance of focusing on other activities that promote sexual pleasure. Doing so helps to alleviate anxiety and consequently giving you increased control over your ejaculation.
  5. Masturbation – teach yourself to masturbate with the orgasm of your woman or partner in mind. Simply put, do not be in a rush to climax. During masturbation, work your way almost to the point of no return, and then try as much as possible not to ejaculate. Begin with a masturbation session of around 10 -15 minutes. Once you have regained your ejaculatory control for 15 minutes, set a higher bar.
  6. Downtempo – this behavioral method demands two things. Firstly, reduce the pace of your pelvic thrusting. Secondly, vary the angle as well as how deep you penetrate before reaching the point of no return. This method works best when a guy is also practicing Kegels.

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